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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 12/15/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Sylvia Rogers is a real estate agent and blogger who has lived and worked in the Rochester area of Minnesota for over 25 years.  She runs a website,, that serves as a place where local homebuyers and homeowners can turn for market advice, community information, and local news.

She mentions on her site that she wants to be “a valuable resource to current homeowners in Rochester Minnesota,” and this mission is evident in the content she provides throughout her site.  She devotes an entire page to listing local community information, such as sports teams, recreational opportunities, school rankings, and more.  Another page is dedicated to listing local events.

She maintains an active list of current properties for sale in the Rochester area and invites potential homebuyers to search for additional properties through an MLS system integrated into her site.  It’s tools such as these that make Sylvia’s site a great resource for interested buyers in the area.

Her site also includes an integrated blog, where she provides advice on how to better prepare your home to sell, how to prepare your home for winter, maintenance checklists, and more.  It’s evident that Sylvia uses her blog as a way to keep homeowners informed with relevant tips and news.

We give Sylvia’s site five stars for her community focus and commitment to serving homebuyers past, present, and future.  We recommend that any of our visitors from the Rochester, Minnesota, area turn to her website for real estate advice and counsel.

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