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Updated on 2/22/2011


Reviewed by Kyle Chezum

2/22/10 is a unique blog and web site that helps visitors learn about homebuying and homeownership by providing up-to-date information from expert professional sources. acts as an aggregator of various blog feeds and posts relevant to real estate, homebuying, and other important topics.  All of the information found is displayed conveniently on, making it easy for homebuyers to conduct research and learn about how to purchase a home.

The site also maintains a list of experts that visitors can connect with and chat with over the internet in order to find answers to their questions.  The site lists free industry resources and hosts numerous articles that explain topics relevant to real estate.

The site provides access to more information than just real estate data, though.  You can also learn about mortgage rates, selling homes, finding an agent, foreclosure, and more.  Currently, the most recent blog post featured on the site discusses mortgage rates provided by Freddie Mac, the housing giant.  RealEstatePick gives a detailed rate history as well as thoughtful analysis on where rates are headed.

Another feature provided on is the Local Trends page, which tracks average property prices for the area.  Currently, the chart shows information for the San Francisco area of California.  Additional locales will likely be added soon.  RealEstatePick plans to collect their best material into book format in the future for use as an educational reference for homebuyers.

There's no question that is a strong up-and-coming site that will continue to develop valuable content for homebuyers and real estate professionals.  Check it out for up to date real estate information.

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