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Prudential Verani Realty

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 12/10/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Prudential Verani Realty, located in New Hampshire and Northern Massachusetts, is an excellent local resource for real estate advice and assistance.  Verani is a company with a long family history.  Osvaldo Verani started the company in 1967, and the brokerage is now run by Margherita Verani, Osvaldo’s daughter.

The Verani team operates a blog on their site where they share insight about the area, market updates, real estate news, and community events.  The information they provide is highly valuable.  For example, the most recent post as of this review was an update on the real estate market conditions in Beford, NH.  The post is filled with information about the town itself, including everything from the current population to the year it was founded.

But the true value, of course, is the market information, which is provided in the form of no less than three attractive graphs representing a wealth of local data.  Average home prices, number of homes sold, month-by-month price changes, and other statistics are displayed against each other.  You won’t find this kind of information elsewhere on the web, not focused on individual towns in New Hampshire.

        A screenshot of the Verani website.

The Verani team also posts information about the local communities in which they operate.  Christmas parades, store openings, and other events all find their way onto the blog.  This makes the Verani team’s site especially useful for potential homebuyers who want to get a taste of the area before they move.

If you’re interested in real estate in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine, check out the Verani team's NH Real Estate and Community News Blog.

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