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Updated on 7/20/2013


Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


One of the most unique, fun, and insightful blogs covering investing topics is, a blog based in London and collaboratively crafted by a team of finance professionals.

The blog is incredibly well written.  It’s difficult to make investment procedures and finance jargon readable, much less engaging, but the “TMM” team, as they call themselves, does all of this and more.  Every post is filled with valuable, timely analysis, both of a quantitative and qualitative nature.  Each of the writers lends his or her own unique perspectives to each post they create, providing a diversity of opinions and a wide variety of experiences.

The writers couple enjoyable, creative prose with hard-hitting analytical input.  Check out the following paragraph from a recent post.  “The flaw in this strategy is that the results of the stress tests are not out for another few months, and given last year's fiasco, markets are bound to be rather more skeptical of the results unless they show a reasonable amount of new capital is needed.”  Other posts exhibit similar reasoned analysis.

The TMM team present a large amount of data related to the financial industry in their blog.  This sort of data can be difficult to manage and communicate effectively, but the TMM team does this well by creating and deploying many graphs, charts, and other visual representations of the numbers they work with.  This is extremely helpful and gives readers who are newer to the industry an opportunity to keep up with the information presented in the posts, which, while being highly readable, is technical and advanced.

We recommend any and all of our visitors who have an interest in managing their money in the financial marketplace check out  It’s well worth exploring.

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