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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/21/2013

If you want to learn about the real estate market in the Marin County area of California, local real estate professional Mark Lomas has been in the industry for over 20 years.  He operates a blog that covers all aspects of the Marin real estate scene.  We checked it out.  And we're impressed.  Mark's blog is not only comprehensive.  It's also interesting, fun, and full of solid advice.

The blog is attractively designed and update frequently, but its most valuable aspect is Mark's continued emphasis on overall real estate analysis.  He provides local real estate market news and statistics, but more than this, he gets to the heart of macroeconomic events and trend that affect real estate across the nation.

These aren't just financial reports.  Mark provides his own conclusions on where the market rests and what changes we can expect.  This stuff isn't parroted from a mass media economic journal.  This is the advice of a trustworthy, experienced local professional who understands the flow of the industry in his area.  The information Mark provides is unique.  You won't find this perspective elsewhere.

One post includes a graph that updates every 7 seconds.  This communicates Mark's desire for accuracy and his attention to detail in all that he does.  Information such as this helps you keep your finger on the pulse of the local market, and Mark provides it.

His posts cover a wide variety of related topics, including subjects such as the rock and roll history of Marin, how to set up and maintain an effective neighborhood watch program, and the effects of social media on our brains.  Interesting?  You bet.  Mark's blog is one to follow.

All told, we're greatly impressed with the amount of work Mark has put into keeping his readers updated with Marin County events and market news.  We give his blog five stars for this reason.  Check it out for yourself at

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