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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 3/12/2011


Reviewed by Kyle Chezum




You can find a lot of personal finance blogs on the internet.  Many of them simply parrot broad, general financial truisms that everyone has heard before without offering anything new or valuable or digging into the real issues that surround personal finance.  This is not the case with, a unique and engaging blog run by longtime finance professional David Ning.  David provides an experienced, intelligent perspective on building wealth and overcoming debt.

First, it’s extremely well written.  If style can be said to set the truly valuable, professional blogs apart from other less coherent publications, MoneyNing stands out.  Each post is eminently readable and straightforward, while the blog as a whole communicates a wealth of useful information on a variety of complex subjects.

Second, the scope of the information David provides is simultaneously diverse and finely focused.  MoneyNing covers tips that many bloggers fail to provide.  A recent post, for example, outlined several tips on how to save money when buying food.  The ten tips listed were entirely unique yet fully relevant, including using cash at the store, buying bulk spices, and organizing your fridge.  While many bloggers would have simply posted advice on where to find a coupon now and then, MoneyNing offers truly innovative ways to save money by altering your lifestyle.

Another recent post outlined the process of saving up money in order to quit your day job and start a business.  This is an entirely legitimate method of building wealth and dealing with debt, yet many bloggers fail to consider self employment as a valid opportunity to espouse.  MoneyNing gives an in depth outline of factors to consider and steps to take before deciding to start your own business.

David and the other writers at MoneyNing take this kind of care toward everything they write and communicate.  We recommend all our visitors check out for information on how to get ahead financially and live debt free.

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