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By Kyle Chezum Updated on 11/16/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Svetlana Stolyarova is a real estate broker who lives and works in the Cleveland area of Ohio.  She runs her own brokerage, Local-N-Global Realty, and operates a blog that covers the local real estate marketplace.

Svetlana offers a great deal of homebuyer and homeseller advice on her blog, and she always includes intelligent, educational information in her posts.  This is true even in posts where you might expect her simply to relate some news about her work.  For example, in one recent post, Svetlana gave her readers an update on a short sale deal that she recently closed.  But in the same post, she provided an extensive list of steps that help to make a short sale successful.  This shows that Svetlana has an educational focus in her writing and that she hopes to help homebuyers and sellers better understand real estate transactions.

Svetlana is a highly active blogger, both on her own site and on ActiveRain.  She focuses on educating and assisting potential homebuyers and individuals who might be considering moving to or within the area.  But more than many real estate professionals, Svetlana takes an interest in internet marketing and writes frequently of how agents can improve their marketing tactics and use digital technology to their advantage.

In one post, she explains how web analytics software can help agents sell homes faster.  She walks through the steps of using web analytics and even includes screenshots of the software she recommends.  Another post discusses whether it's safe to post addresses of real estate listings on the internet for all to see.  These are just examples.  She has an entire category on her blog devoted to online marketing.

What Svetlana writes about most often, however, is the value of the greater Cleveland area and the benefits the city offers to homeowners.  Many of her posts discuss local news, events, and other information that would be relevant to potential homebuyers.  She has a strong community focus and the pride she has for her city is apparent in everything she writes.

We enjoyed reading Svetlana's blog, and we think you will, too.  If you're interested in real estate information related to Cleveland, Ohio, and the surrounding areas, check out what she has to say at

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