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John Herrigel - Maine Real Estate

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 12/9/2010

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


John Herrigel is a real estate broker who lives and work in Portland, Maine.  He makes his real estate expertise and professional services available through three blogs that he operates and writes for.  We’ve had the privilege to explore each of these blog, and we’re proud to recommend John as a local resource to potential homebuyers in both Maine and the surrounding areas.

What did we enjoy most about John’s blogs?  Check out our analysis of each of his sites below.

This is definitely John’s most impressive blog. covers “housing statistics, to help Maine buyers and sellers track the southern, Portland, and mid coastal housing markets” and includes quarterly market reports, housing statistics, economic news, and more.

John, in his blog, writes, “I love to study the housing markets in Maine, but I often find it quite challenging to find quality, legitimate, useful information on how the markets are actually doing.”  This blog exists to solve that problem.  John is not uncomfortable with statistics, and often provides detailed analyses on local markets.

The blog contains a collection of posts sorted by location that goes back years.  Towns like Bath, Brunswick, Cumberland, Falmouth, and more all have unique archives with dozens of posts dedicated to them.  If you’re interested in Maine real estate in any form, check out

One of John’s other blogs covers similar market and community topics in the mid-coastal region of Maine.  John includes numerous maps of the areas he writes about that show homes and properties for sale.  John’s blog provides market information on a wide variety of towns and cities, making it an excellent place to start your research if you’re considering a move to the area.

John’s third blog,, is structured in a way that’s similar to his coastal Maine blog, but it covers Portland specifically as well as the surrounding towns and neighborhoods.  John provides his trademark market statistics and analysis, but he also includes community information and other data that would be of use to potential homebuyers interested in the area.

In one recent market update, he included an entire paragraph devoted to praising the impressive park system of South Portland.  He lists several parks and touches on their historical significance as well as community events, such as winter ice skating, that are featured in the area.

John’s blogs are a valuable resource for homebuyers seeking information about Portland, Maine, and neighboring towns and areas.


  A screenshot from John's PortlandMaineHome blog.

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