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Blog Review: Roche Realty Group

Updated on 10/21/2013

In the current blogging community, there is a need to set yourself apart from others to gain and captivate your readers’ attention. The majority of blogs do not live up to this principle. However, this blog takes advantage at every possible opportunity to be the best in New Hampshire. When it comes to knowing your product, there really is no other team like Roche Realty Group.  All members can contribute to this blog, including the President, Frank Roche, and this factor alone sets the blog apart from competitors. This sets the site up for very frequent updates, very diverse outlooks, and very comprehensive coverage of all things realty in New Hampshire. The company has been around for 35 years and has dominated the Lakes Region of New Hampshire over this period.  The blog has been running since October of 2010 and contains a vast wealth of knowledge to the area, community, housing market, investment real estate strategies, economic forecasts, and personal commentary from many individual authors.

The range of articles and authors that are covered by the Roche Realty Group shows how dedicated the team is to offering comprehensive and informative information to their consumers. Articles illustrate the importance of community to the company and a great piece on individual realtor Paul Zyla. The blog goes beyond a market analysis or home listings; it’s a center for the Lakes Region community and a great method of displaying the benefits and advantages to living in this area.

The blog has great navigation and simplicity that caters to all readers. There is an archived section to easily navigate to older sections of the blog as well as a search bar for researching specific aspects. The blog is RSS-compatible, making it very easy to follow and keep up to date with. The Roche Realty Group has created a one-of-a-kind blog for the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, truly the paragon of real estate blogs in the state.

By: Katarina Combs

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