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Updated on 2/18/2011

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum


Bill Gassett is a real estate professional who lives and works in the Metrowest region of Massachusetts.  He operates a Massachusetts Real Estate Blog, that covers real estate news happening in the area.  His is one of the most informative blogs we've found out of Massachusetts for home buyers.  The site is well stocked with useful data and reports from the front lines of real estate.

His most recent post, as of this review, details a horrific experience Bill went through while trying to purchase a short sale property.  He outlines what went wrong at each step of the process and explains how other buyers and other real estate professionals can close their own short sales more effectively.  It's this kind of personal, experienced reporting that set's Bill's blog apart from others.

Another recent post explains upcoming interest rate changes that will affect all mortgages held by Fannie Mae.  This post was actually provided by another financial professional, which shows that Bill has access to information and resources held by other thought leaders in his industry.  This is often the mark of a successful communicator.  Bill is active and influential in the Massachusetts real estate arena, and this quality is evident in his blog.

Still other posts discuss such important topics as whether to sell a home or rent it, the tax deductions available on rental properties, FHA loan types, and how to remove radon from well water.  This wide variety of useful and interesting subjects makes Bill's blog a highly beneficial resource.  For easy browsing, navigate to the "categories" list to sort blog posts by topic.

Bill's blog includes an integrated property search feature that allows visitors to search for available properties through a variety of different filters.  The search function is actually hosted through Bill's website, which provides additional information for homebuyers through articles and other links.  The site, in addition to Bill's blog, is worth exploring if you want to educate yourself on how to buy or sell a home in Massachusetts.

Bill's blog, specifically, is well worth reading if you're in the market for a home in Massachusetts.  We recommend all of our Massachusetts visitors check it out for information before selecting an agent or a home to purchase.

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