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Updated on 2/22/2011

Reviewed by Kyle Chezum

2/18/10 is a personal finance blog written and maintained by a skilled writer who refers to himself as "FMF," the acronym of the blog itself.  The blog is packed with a wealth of valuable information, pun intended, on a wide variety of topics relevant to personal finance, wealth, money management, and getting out of debt.  The blog has received mention in both the Wall Street Journal and BusinessWeek.

The content of the blog is intended to educate, inform, and inspire readers, and it consistently reaches these goals.  FMF maintains an attitude of constant optimism and encouragement throughout all of his posts, even when decrying the unhealthy financial choices made by many Americans.  FMF's mission of helping readers achieve positive, long term financial change is evident in everything he writes.  This is not an overstatement.

Recent posts have touched on subjects such as the average American's personal financial situation, various retirement strategies to consider, what to look for when selecting an index fund for investment purposes, and how to avoid paying fees on your checking account.  He covers many other topics as well.  Let us put it this way.  After reading through multiple pages of posts from FMF, we're convinced you'll find more than enough information to get started living a more frugal lifestyle.

A notable feature of FMF's writing is that it always invites feedback, both positive and negative.  Many posts ask readers to share their ideas or contribute by adding information.  These invitations do not go unanswered.  In fact, most of FMF's posts receive dozens of comments, and reading through these comments can be just as valuable as reading the posts themselves.

FMF often features guest posts written by other established personal finance bloggers, ensuring that a diverse variety of opinions are expressed and shared.  FMF even publishes excerpts from books on relevant subjects.  One recent post that included such an excerpt discussed the step by step process of regaining income tax dollars paid inadvertently in previous years.

FMF writes from personal experience.  After relating his story in an "About Me" post, he concludes with the following statement.  "I know what works financially since it's worked for me," he writes.  "I'm not writing about topics I've read about one time and regurgitated with opinions based on nothing -- I have lived these topics, applied these principles, and know what works and what doesn't."  This isn't blog full of spun articles designed to capture ad revenue.  This is the real deal.  It's one of the best personal finance blogs we've seen and one of the most honest and informative blogs we've seen in any genre, period.  Check it out.

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