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Review: Knoxville Tennessee Real Estate Blog

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/22/2013

jim lee blog review

Jim Lee is a real estate professional who lives and works in the Knoxville area of Tennessee.  He operates a blog, the appropriately named, where he writes about topics relevant to the local real estate marketplace.

He provides a great deal of information that potential homebuyers will find useful.   He offers real estate and home purchase tips, selling advice, and points readers toward additional tools to help their real estate transactions whether they're buying or selling.  He puts a particular emphasis on digital and technological tips, and seems to have a strong interest in this area.

He also offers an inside look at what goes on in the real estate industry in Knoxville.  In one post, he walks his readers through a short sale transaction step-by-step.  What makes this post unique is that the transaction was a real one.  Jim wrote it in segments and updated it as the sale went through.  It's a very interesting read and provides a glimpse of the parts of the sale came together over time.

Jim also includes information about the local Knoxville area in his blog.  In one recent post he showed photos of the Great Smoky Mountains, arrange of peaks just outside Knoxville.  Jim labeled and pointed out each of the peaks and wrote of the beauty and value of the local mountain scenery.  He describes it as a key selling point of the area, and from the pictures, we're inclined to agree.  Jim definitely takes pride in the city he calls home and demonstrates this in his blog.

One of the most valuable resources Jim makes available through his blog isn't part of the blog itself.  This  resource is nothing less than Jim's personal real estate website,, where he hosts a vast amount of information to help potential homebuyers learn about life in the Knoxville area and explore their purchase options.  He points visitors toward school information, employment postings, great local restaurants, area history, and, of course, homes for sale.  Jim's website, like his blog, is an excellent resource for homebuyers.

We were impressed with Jim's blog and his website, and we recommend that you check them out if you're looking for a trustworthy, established real estate professional in the Knoxville area.

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