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Blog Review for Kim Soper

By Kyle Chezum Updated on 10/21/2013

kim soper real estate blog

Kim Soper is a real estate professional with a strong history of success who lives and works in the Lexington area of Kentucky.  She operates a blog that covers the local real estate marketplace as well as local news, events, and other useful topics.  Her blog stands out from other real estate blogs, and this is why we've chosen to review it here.  We had a lot of fun reading through it.

Kim loves Kentucky.  She shares her excitement and passion on every page of her blog, whether she's writing about world-class horse races or hip barn parties.  She finds adventure around every corner, and it's catching.  Read through just one of her posts if you want to see some of this for yourself.

Most everything she writes is written with the purpose of capturing the essence of life in Lexington, and you can tell she takes great pride in calling the place home.  In post after post, she points out the benefits and values of being part of the Lexington community and describes the unique characteristic that define the area.  She also includes homebuyer tips, selling advice, and other information to ease the transaction process for homebuyers and sellers.

Kim has a strong grasp of new media and how to use the internet to communicate well with her clients and bring awareness to the homes she sells.  She is a certified e-marketing specialist and she frequently posts photos, videos, and other forms of media on her blog.

Now and then, Kim invites her readers to tour some of her beautiful properties with her.  She posts video tours of the homes she represents on her blog.  These aren't just "virtual tours" or photo slideshows.  These are real videos, captured by Kim herself, as she highlights the valuable details of each home.  This is a sign of Kim's focus on positive, informative communication between herself and her clients.

The best way to describe Kim's blog is that it's unique, fun, and full of personality.  It's also a valuable resource for homebuyers and individuals who want to learn more about life in the Lexington area of Kentucky.  We give her blog five stars.  Check it out for yourself at

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