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Ken Burrows's Answers

i did a shortsale 2 years ago, will i be able to qualify for a new mortgage. before the shortsale we were 6 mos late...we had a death in family and husband had to travel out of country. we have about 15% to put down
You do qualify for conventional financing now since it has been 2 years since the short sale. Since you have late payments on your credit from the short sale you will have to put 20% down. It may be possible to get approved for a VA loan if you are a Veteran with a potential of 0% down depending on the situation....
Does anyone know any bank who is accepting application for HARP 2.0?
Yes we can do HARP 2.0 loans above 125% with no appraisal. We can go unlimited depending on your credit score. Give me a call an we can discuss your options. 888-320-7888 Our website is
We aren't charging any closing costs right now on loans over $200k. You will have your standard title fees but you have the flexibility to choose your own title company. We do have an internal title division that usually can save you a couple of hundred dollars. Those fees can be rolled into the loan...
What are the qualifications for the governments PRA program?
The principle reduction is pretty much non existent. There were only about 800 customers last year in the whole nation what were awarded a principle reduction. We did 2 of those. They are very difficult and take some legal work. 99% of the lenders don't work with the short refinance program. Are you...
Would my fiancee and I be able to purchase a new home without any problems since she would be the primary?
Unfortunately, with her having no income you would be the primary. That is okay as long as you plan on renting out your home or you can prove this will be your new Primary residence. You can contact me directly if you would like to discuss in more detail. 888-320-7888
Above 125 LTV lender in Illinois needed
We can go over 125% with the HARP 2.0. Give me a call I can help you. I specialize in this program. 888-320-7888
Can I refinance a underwater Freddie Mac Loan with LPMI under HARP 2.0
Yes we can help you. We offer the HARP 2.0 program for underwater Freddie loans with unlimited loan to value with LPMI. We can go down to 620 scores. Please give me a call and I can help you. 888-320-7888 - Ken
Do I qualify for Harp 2?
The guidelines are fairly simple. You can see those on the front page of our website. If you qualify go ahead and give me a call. I can help you in CA. This is what we specialize in. Thank you. 888-320-7888 - Ken
Bank of America turned me down
I can help you in Indiana. We also work with many MI companies so it's easy to transfer it. However what we have found is Bank of America reps. don't usually know what they are talking about and transfer you to department after department and never can give you a straight answer. We just...
If the rules of changed in the Harp 2.0 program why am I still ineligible?
I have already encountered many BoA loans that we are able to do. Check your old loan documents and most importantly the HUD Settlement Statement. If there is no MI on there, then 99% chance you don't have Lender paid MI. If you do, you can still transfer the MI to another company without a whole lot of...
Can private lenders legally decline a re-fi loan even as we meet all other requirements?
Wells Fargo and Quicken loans don't work with lender paid MI. We do however, it's pretty easy to transfer and we work with almost any MI company. If the MI company is closed we still have solutions to help you. Give me a call we should be able to help you. 888-320-7888 - - ...
Who is the most fleixble HARP2 lender? We have a special case.
We work in UT. We have many different options. Unlimited LTV, transfer of Lender Paid MI, Fannie or Freddie. Rates today are 4.25% on a 30yr. fixed for this program. If your loan is over $200k we are waiving our underwriting fee. We have an internal title company to save you 200-300 dollars and make this a quick...
Loan officers mistake I'm paying for
You can but most likely it is more the lenders fault because they didn't include it on the final documents and HUD. Either way it may be an error and you most likely are responsible for it. You would have either had to pay for the taxes from the loan or you personally. Yeah it's an error but...
Am a getting a good deal on my new Harp 2.0 refi on my investment property condo?
We can do 3.625% on a 10yr. and our fee is only $895 underwriting fee. We can help you in MD. Let me know if we can help you further. 888-320-7888 - - Ken
Anyone find a lender that will aprove a low FICO score under HARP 2.0?
We will only look at the primary wage earner. Are you the primary wage earner with the 820? If not our Min. score is 620. I am pretty good at getting your score up 10-20 points if not. We can help you in FL. Give me a call and I'll see what I can do. 888-320-7888 - - Ken
Will closing cost be cheaper under HARP 2.0?
We can handle Fannie and Freddie loans with HARP 2.0 in Ohio for you. Our only closing costs are only around $1000 for underwriting and funding. The only other closing costs you would incur are title fees which you can pick your own local title company for that. Get into touch with me and I can help you. ...
Cash out home loan 125% value
We go unlimited loan to value. Give me a call I can help you. 888-320-7888 - - Ken
I'd debt to income (DTI) a requirement in the new HARP 2.0?
Yes DTI is a factor however we are seeing up to 55%. If you are under that get into touch with me, I should be able to help you. 888-320-7888 - - Ken
Where to refi in Texas?
What are the issues with your credit? Do you have late payments on the mortgage? If you like you ca give me a call to discuss some options. 888-320-7888 - - Ken
When will HARP 2.0 be fully "automated"?
Our only closing costs are $895 underwriting and your standard title fees and you can pick your own company if you like. Everything is running very smoothly on the HARP 2.0 program now. Give me a call if I can help. 888-320-7888 - - Ken

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