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Kofi Akpabla's Answers

Refinance home from overseas
Hi Canice. I lend in New York. I was actually raised in Mount Kisco myself. I lived right by the saw mill river club. We would definitely be able to help you out. We would just need your 2 most recent pay stubs as well as your 2009 and 2010 tax returns because you probably wont file 2011 until October. This is a...
Stated Income Loans
You should try portfolio lenders in your area to see if they will do a SIVA. I know here on the east coast, we have a couple that still to stated as long as you are self employed, have decent credit, significant verifiable assets, and a low loan to value. If you were here in New York I would have the perfect...
What lenders are refinancing accidental investment properties under Harp 2.0 in California?
If it is a Freddie Mac backed loan, i would try Icon. They have an unlimited LTV program for Fannie and Freddie loans.
Any Wholesale lenders funding Freddie Mac OPen access Harp2.0?? in Florida
Yes. You should try Nationstar as well as Flagstar
Can I refinance showing only 2011 tax returns?
If you have a heavy loss from depreciation on your 2010 returns, you can add the depreciation back as income.
Can I use the two homes I own outright as collateral for a loan?
I still have no income verification products for self employed borrowers. In order to qualify, you need to need to have decent credit, own more than 25% of a company, have a low loan to value (which obviously isn't a problem for you. 60% loan to value is the max up to $1M) and have a decent amount of...
what's maximum CLTV on Harp 2?
The CLTV is unlimited
When can i sell my FHA home ?
You can sell your FHA loan whenever you want. There are no penalties.
Need to refinance but have high DTI ratio
We have no income verification loans at reasonable rates. Email me at or call me at 203-708-0001 ext 305. -Kofi
Harp 2.0 Refi Process: 2nd Mortgage Subordination Agreement
As everyone here has stated, your first mortgage company will take care of it. Some 2nd mortgage companies will just add the small fee to your next mortgage statement or to your pay off. It depends on the lender. I know Citi does that, you do not have to pay the fee up front.
My loan agent isn't honest and I'm not sure what to do.
Due to the Dodd Frank reform bill, there are TONS of new regulations when purchasing or refinancing a property. These regulations are meant to protect the consumer, but all they have done is confuse the consumer. Your loan officer wants to close your loan as much as you do. Whenever something changes,...
Moving after refinance
If you currently have an FHA loan on the property you are vacating, you will not be able to take out another FHA loan. You cannot have 2 FHA loans at one time. You can sell the property that you are vacating and purchase the new property with an FHA loan. You can also refinance the property that you are vacating...
co-signing a mortgage
As everyone said, the lowest of the 2 mid scores. However, if one of you has a lot better credit than the other, you should consider just using that person on the loan. If the income is enough to qualify with one borrower, you can both be on the deed and depending on what state you are in, will have joint ...
Where can I go to qualify for a HARP mortgage if I currently have a privately held mortgage, that must be paid off.
You can only refinance current Fannie or Freddie loans using the HARP program. Why must you do a HARP? What is your LTV and DTI?
lender interest rates
It really depends on whether you are going to a bank or broker. Banks usually stick to their pricing and the only way to get the rate down is to pay fees. Brokers have the ability to shop around a find a bank that will provide you with a better rate. However, it is always good to shop around and see who can provide...
loan rates for LLC home mortgage
The above answers stating that it cannot be done are incorrect. There ARE lenders that will make mortgage loans to LLC's for home loans with the following requirements.-The LLC is authorized to borrow money and to purchase, construct or encumber realproperty.-There is no risk of impairment of...
We want to refi our conventional mortgage, but have a DTI of around 48%. We owe less than what the home is worth,
You just went to a lender who has an max DTI of 45% or under. There are other lenders that will write your loan. Don't be discouraged, you can refi. Call your local mortgage broker.
Can I find a lender to give me a loan refi at 87% without PIM?
You can get Lender Paid Mortgage insurance, your rate would be slightly higher than the "par" rate. I wouldn't really recommend it because you will be paying that higher rate for the duration of the loan. If you take the loan with the monthly mortgage insurance, the PMI will eventually...
Harp Eligibility Credit
Not necessarily. It depends how low your credit score has dropped.

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