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Barb Lanis's Answers

VA home loan with credit score of 636
I can use a score as low as 620 on VA purchase transactions. Illinois lender. 630-660-8868
Refinance abroad
It's not a long shot at all. You can do this via internet, fax, email, and ultimately Power of Attorney at closing. I'm assuming that this is a brief assignment and you haven't switched employers and you intend to continue to live in the home. Also, if your current loan is owned by Fannie...
Can I re-fi and investment property under HARP?
I don't ever recommend short sale or walking away. You are not that far away from having a FICO score that will be acceptable. The best plan would be to see what is causing your score to be so low and implement a plan to improve your credit report. Sometimes, improving your score is faster than what you...
Co-signer on home loan
You don't need to wait until they are married unless your lender also needs his wife's income to qualify. I'm assuming that you are looking at an FHA loan? Those are the only loans that income from a family member can be "used" for qualifying purposes. On Conventional loans,...
Do you have a question regarding this refinance program?
I own a duplex, owner occupied, paid in full but it needs a roof and cosmetics, mostly curb appeal.
You may not have to "pitch" this at all to a lender. It sounds like an FHA 203k loan would be perfect for you. These loans are intended for rehabbing. However, the property does need to be owner occupied. You can read an overview of the program on my website here: http://www.myhomefunds...
2 sisters on deed & mortgage of a house the sister with better credit score dies, what happens to the house?
Nothing happens to the house unless the surviving sister cannot afford to pay the mortgage. If that's the case, then the house should be sold. If she CAN afford the mortgage and taxes there is no need to do anything with the mortgage - just leave it in place. It does not need to get refinanced. However,...
can we refinance our home with a credit score of 630?
YES you can do a refinance with a 630 credit score! Contact a local Broker and you can get it done even if you have less than a 640. However, DO NOT allow a lender to run your credit report unless they CONFIRM that they can do a refinance with that score. You don't want to have your credit run too many times.
Qualifying for a new home construction loan
I lend in Wisconsin as well as Illinois and various other states. Your question is really all about what your debt-to-income ratios are. There are many factors involved, such as looking at your self-employment income. You should find a mortgage broker who routinely looks at tax returns and truly...
Who can refinance me if I have LPMI?
I am an Illinois lender. One important note, the LPMI can't be done on a HARP refinance and you will need to pay the monthly MI. The PMI premium will stay the same because the certificate is transferred from your old loan to the new one. It's just that you will have to pay it monthly going forward....
reverse mortgage
GaryWSmith is correct. Thank you for answering clearly.
Responsible homeowners seek refinance help!
I am an Illinois lender in the Chicago suburbs. Hang in there for a little while. There has been some "chatter" that the HARP may be expanded. It doesn't seem that it will happen anytime soon, but the complaints are that there are many borrowers just like you. With a 365K mortgage,...
preapproval reliable?
Your best bet is to get your loan FULLY underwritten if you want to be absolutely confident that there won't be any surprises later. Fully underwritten means going beyond the pre-approval and providing all documentation for income, assets and then ultimately into the hands of an underwriter....
Looking For A Lender For Harp 2.0 Refinance
I do AZ as well. HARP with no LTV restrictions.
rebuttal letter advice
I couldn't agree more with the other comments re this post. It's like pushing a boulder up a hill.
conventional mortgage
More info needed here. The use of the term "hybrid" implies pre-meltdown programs. However, there are still ARM's that fit scenarios that may work for you. Jumbo? I guess you could use the term Hybrid. Conventional, we don't use that term. Please supply more information for all of...
Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance (LPMI) and HARP 2.0 Eligibility
LPMI really isn't a problem for HARP. You will, however, pay PMI monthly going forward when you refinance. The original PMI premium is transferred to your new loan and it will likely be much less than what current premiums are at. It's not a bad thing. You should compare (side-by-side) the...
HI have tried 3 lenders to do a HARP 2.0 on our loan, and am having no luck. I am being told I am EA3, and therere is my question
There are lenders that will do EA1 and EA2. I'm not certain about the EA3. I would say get a copy of the AUS Findings and show that to some other lenders for opinion. Perhaps even to the professionals on this board. There can be quirky data that throws off the DU Findings. If you are working with a loan...
property value
Personally, I like Redfin. However, you will have your work cut out for you. Do the search first on the website and make certain you filter it to ONLY sales within the recent 3 months, similar model, square footage, condition, all within your neighborhood. Do not look at homes that are listed, as they...
looking for home loan after a bankrupcty. discharged in may of 2012
The shortest wait period is for an FHA loan - you'll need to wait 2 years from the date of discharge if it was a Chapter 7

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