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After twenty two years and after more than $5,000,000,000 of Indiana home loans closed, Winterwood Mortgage is still ready to meet the needs of home buyers and homeowners in Greenwood, Indianapolis, and all over Indiana. And we will meet them with that difference, that honesty and plain-dealing that has been so lacking in mortgage originators these recent years, but which has been the HALLMARK of Winterwood Mortgage Group.

When you've picked out your dream home, the mortgage paperwork and hoops to jump through with disclosures, appraisals, inspections, title insurance, escrow, notaries and more can be overwhelming.You need someone on your side when you're buying a home; Who makes sure you aren't doing paperwork you don't have to do, speeds up some of the steps you can't avoid and acts as a "blocker," clearing the way of obstacles as you head toward your goal.

You may be thinking it is too late for you to refinance your mortgage. Rates are getting higher, right? Indeed they are. But do you know the benefits of refinancing in general? One fallacy I run into with potential borrowers...

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