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Ryan Romero's Answers

Buy cash then cash-out refinance, IRS requires within 90 Days, Banks insist on six months?
Do you live in the home right now or is it a rental. Are you looking for an ARM 5 year or do want a fixed loan?
Can I use a HomePath loan for an investment property?
No not at all ... Ryan Romerowww.rmfundinggroup.com888 308 7775
Are there really any no cost refinances available?
As lender and broker we get a money for a higher rate agreed upon by the borrower. If the money exceeds the cost of doing the loan and still with in a profit margin we will do the loan for no closing cost. The lowest rate at the time is not always the best costing more money rolled into the loan. (higher fees) The...
I would like to know about possibilities to refi/cash out over investments condo?
I work with Real Banks and Local Credit Unions that do not sell your loans to Wall Street like Baseball cards. Call me with our Private Banking ... Direct Lenders and Brokers the best of both worlds. Ryan Romero619 884 9116 CA license 01810267
Statute of Limitation on Second Mortgage
There is not Statute of Limitation on 2nd mortgages, it is contract note promise to pay. They the 2nd will probably not foreclose because they would have to pay off the 1st mortgage to do so. Very Very unlikely but could be hunting later down the road. They can sue you and garnish wages since this (is was) a...
Your credit is a bit a low but doable for financing. You might want to make sure that you have a 5 in plan in home to ensure that you maximizing your mortgage. Most people refinance or move to larger or smaller home in 5-7 years. I suggest a 7 year ARM things happen in life change of jobs, divorce, death , and debt. ...
HARP 2.0 with radiant
We sell Directly to Freddie and Fannie no BS no middle man ... Give me a call on Monday. Ryan 619 884 9116888 308 7775 ext 3
Appraisal waiver only for HARP loans?
In order to get the appraisal waiver you need to have automated approval .. Manuel UW is for super low debt to income and are case by case. All factors such as LTV and CLTV credit history and income will be factored in the DU or LP computer generated approvals . Call me @ 619 884 9116 Ryan
Broker said I can lower loan balance of 1st Good Faith Estimate, is this true?
Yes he can its a called a change of circumstance. I can help you understand better. Is this a Broker or a Direct Lender transaction? It could be redraw fee if docs were drawn or Lock extension fee worked into your . Sounds like you are making big deal about this and have some to little knowledge to the laws so be...
3 years after forclosure
Maybe that is why you got foreclosed on .... Read your question.... Maybe you should wait til you can write in complete sentences.
Refinancing a non-warrantable condo
When you say you have 76k in equity what is the value at your best guess of the condo?Ryan Michael ROMERO CA DRE 01810267 | NMLS# 333803619 884 9116) | 888 308 7775 (Fax)Ryan Michael &
What is the best course of action when an older jumbo loan now qualifies as a conforming or conventional lEnter your question here
How do you know if you qualify are working someone yet? If have not refinanced lately the process is has greatly changed you will need good help if you qualify.
What is a good basis for comparison when shopping for mortgage rates?
Shopping online is pretty dangerous case of the biggest liar... If you are looking for rate shopping. Work with 2 people local and let them compete for your business.
We are currently upside down in our home. We have a VA loan. We are wanting to sell. How do we handle the loss?
Try to get a non occupying co borrower for you new purchase. You cannot transfer old debt to the new loan.
Can I get a streamline FHA refinance to switch from a 30-year to a 15-year mortgage?
If you have money buy down the balance and go conventional ... FHA is basically a sub prime loan pumped up by the government. Get out of it or stay put ... You still have pay the up front mortgage insurance and the monthly 619 884 9116 888 308 7775 Ryan
Is it better to use a broker or larger company to do a refinance? Any advice would be appreciated
First Cal is top mortgage mortgage lender and is direct with Fannie Mae Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae. Brokers ryhme with jokersCall Me if needed 619 569 1864 Ryan

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