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Harbour Equity Partners created, and has consolidated valuable banking resources that provide real financing for a select niche of borrower. Our goal is to zero in on the side of transactional business that we can get done, and As a borrower you may have wasted a lot of time looking for financing or maybe you just don't have the time to weed through your options. With the financing world ever changing the environment is cluttered with financing options that don't have real value, or the ability to follow through all the way to getting you closed. Our programs in particular only cater to the ultra high net worth client. These clients may have a value or appraisal issues or may not show income on their personal tax returns.

The high lights of the programs that we offer are as follows:

* We are able to offset appraised value issues by creating synthetic LTV to get the value we need or 100% of the property.

* We are able to use cash flow from a borrower's business rather than personal tax returns.

* We are able to annuitize cash reserves to synthetically create income.

* we are able to cross collateralize and lend against stock accounts and other securities at rates starting at 1.75% interest only for any term.

* We are able to offer a business line of credit and or combine that with a mortgage and asset based loans.

Features also include:

oA direct private banking relationship
oPar Private Banking Rates, no add-ons
oAsset and securities based financing available
oAbility to annuitizing assets to qualify your income
oAble to close in the name of your family trust or LLC
oProducts offered for purchase or refinance in all 50 states
o100% + LTV jumbo loans with the collateralized program
oSuper jumbo loans financing + revolving financial relationship
oLoans for borrowers that don't fit conventional lending guidelines
oLoan terms we offer, 5 yr, 7 yr, 10 yr, 15 yr, 20 yr, 30 yr fixed or LIBOR +
oLoans for self-employed borrowers that show little to no personal income.
oLoans for high end homes that have suffered a reduction in value or high LTV
oRevolving private banking relationship for future business or personal lines of credit
oNo upfront costs, and no fee any kind until the day you close with a top 10 Private Bank
oReduced home value issue? We can create the value to get the loan amount you need
oIncome qualifying with business cash-flow or cash reserve, NOT just your personal income

Certainly these are not conventional products

The programs that we offer are not conventional loan programs, rather customized loans that may blend several products into one goal. The process for these programs was created by us for our own transactions, and now we offer these programs to other high net worth borrowers on a referral basis.

The Process:

As a net worth borrower we will evaluate your profile and gather the relevant material for submission. We are able to refer you into our investment banking relationships and get a private banker assigned to your file after a prelim review of your profile.

To start we will need to have you to complete the CIS form below and email it to us at the address below. If approved we will get you a manager to start the dialog and what is know as the KYC process ( Know Your Client). Our manager will collect the information on your last 2 years personal and business income, asset statements credit and or appraisal. From there we will generate disclosures for you and build the profile for review. At this point our investment bankers will be invited into our system to to review your profile only, and none of your material actually leaves our office. Once we have the prelim approval we will be able to start processing. If you have any questions prior to sending the CIS form,, feel free to email and we will respond promptly. or visit our website at

Kathleen Smith
Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC
Admin Assist. | Private Banking and Client Services

Additional details on our websites at: - -

NY Office 631-757-9700
Fax. 631-991-9142
Email. Info@SuperJumboLoans.Info

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 To Qualify each potential borrower for a private banking relationship we will use the CIS form doc downloadable form on the loan origination page or the CIS form online located on the “Get Qualified” page. It is important to note that all loans are customized and the question of rate is not as simple for some clients. The base rates are located on the “Today’s Rates” page, however there are discounts to the rates for borrowers that create a depository relationship.

The primary focus for HEP in offering our programs is to attract very high net worth clients that have the potential of a large scale long term deposit relationship. We are not in the business of giving out par rates below the industry standard so although the focus is on the relationship, it is not a requirement.

Below are examples of how transactions are achieved.

We will examine the CIS form for the following:

  • Borrower’s industry, note there are some industries that we are not as interested in, this may effect the approval.
  • Personal or Business income or cash flow
  • Cash reserves, very important to see as much reserves as possible, or at least 6 months PITI or 10% of the loan amount.

Please note that this program works with the borrowers that would be otherwise a “stated income” borrower for conventional lending as we will use the cash flow of the business to service the debt.

Example 1, If a borrower has much more then the loan amount in cash reserve, we will consider offering a loan against that asset at 1.75 – 2.25% interest only for any term. As a loan off the real estate we will start with a LIBOR loan of 2.5% interest only for any term with the option to lock with an interest rate swap for some borrowers (See this link for an example of Interest Rate swap.). With this program we can get to 100 LTV or more which is our primary strategy to help in off setting the value issues that have affect most areas o the US.

We can also combine loan products with any other products like a 5yr, 7 yr, 10 yr ARM, or a 30 yr fixed. We would blend the 2 or 3 products to the loan amount and get the average of the products combined. The products we would consider offering are the real estate loans, asset loan, and business line.

For borrowers that would rather have a product more familiar like a ARM, we can offer the those products in the 3-3.25% interest only, and or role the product or modify at any point in the relationship. The rates are based on the borrowers relationship with us and is the reason why we just don’t through rates out there. The same borrower with the same income and loan amount can have a difference of up to .50% or more in rate based on variables like purchase or refi, or cash out, or location of property, or investment or primary, combined with relationship or not and so on.

So you can see there is really no way to create a conventional matrix in a private banking environment with all the variable and options that could be offered to a borrower. The question for us is not, ” will the borrower want our deal” but ” will we want this borrower”. So with that we are very selective on the borrowers we accept and not all will get a preferred program. We would have to see the CIS form to know if we are interested in the borrower and start the KYC process with a conversation with the borrower. If our management feels the borrower is worthy of a relationship we will start the process with disclosures. Also note the enhancement of our protocol as it relates to third party or broker business. The compliance issue that we have is very much a concern to us, given the conflicts of accepting 3rd party transactions.

Our Banker and compliance have approved of our marketing structure but have cautioned us when having mortgage brokers on any transactions. For that reason our compliance attorney and fund manager are very cautious and selective to who we take transactions from and insist that all originators  adhere to the process and sit on the sidelines as we close these transactions. There are no front running of transactions allowed here.

For borrowers that may fit this program, please complete the submission form online and/or  email or fax to us for a prelim approval.


Kathleen Smith

Harbour Equity Partners
Private Client Services, LLC

Admin Assist.  | Private Banking and Client Services


Additional details on our websites at: -  -


NY Office    631-757-9700

Fax.              631-991-9142
Email.    Info@SuperJumboLoans.Info     

 Company Bio:

I would like to introduce you to Private Client Services, LLC, a division of Harbour Equity Partners, which is a platform to service high net worth clients with a variety of finance options. Private Client Services is a marketer, which in other words is a lead provider for a relationship manager in a top tier investment bank. The Banker also happens to own Private Client Services, LLC. and the hedge fund associated to Harbour Equity Partners. The products that we discuss here are structured around a borrowers profile so there is no conventional approach to our products. The Niche products are designed for High Net Worth clients that don’t fit for conventional banking in regards to income, credit, value or collateral. The products we will discuss are exclusively Private Banking related, which has much more latitude and flexibility when it comes to financing today’s High Net worth client.We will work with high net worth borrowers and upon your approval, we will look to review and vet the following information which will then convey this to our manager who is the owner of PCS, and HEP and who is also a banker at a Top Tier Investment Bank. From there we will arrange the intro call with the borrower to start the relationship and structuring of the loan, which will very likely be portfolio’d and serviced in house depending on the borrowers profile as a High Net Worth client.We would like to start with and review the CIS form for your transaction, we would advise you from there what we will need.Note: 
• If you need us to work with the borrower CPA or financial advisor to get these documents please let me know and I will make that contact.
• If your documents are not in digital format, you may FedEx them to me to scan them here, and I will return them the next day.

If Approved to Move Forward, This is What We Will ask from the Borrower

• Please forward any concerns you have that may involve obtaining financing, income or value so we can review the issues first, etc.
• To start I will need the last 2 years ( complete) personal and/or any business Tax returns, please include all K-1s for all business entities. ( even if you intend for this to be a stated loan )
• The last month complete statements for all bank accounts, brokerage and retirement accounts, ( Not Screen shots) showing all cash reserves.
• We will need you for a short phone call to complete the actual private client application.
• We will need a Bio on you that details your life and how you created your wealth. ( you can direct me to any website for that info ).
• Copy of your Drivers Lic.
• Copy of the current mortgage and Note.
• Copy of home owner’s insurance and flood policy.
• Copy of most recent tax cert (bill) for all properties.
• Copy of the most recent mortgage statement.


With this information, we will be able to build the profile of you as a private client and get your file submitted to review. When submitting your file, we will select a banker based on the criteria in your profile, and take into consideration any challenges which can cause a potential delay for settlement. The process would work very quickly and be activated upon our receiving any of the information listed above.

Usually this gets completed within several hours.

• Our initial call to confirm contact information.
• Then we will send our contact info and the intro email to the borrower. ( This Email )
• Next we will setup your contact profile in our system.
• Then upon receiving income and asset info from the borrower we will work on starting the Private Client Application.
• From there, if all makes sense, we will send the borrower the engagement letter, outlining fees to over all brokers for this placement service etc.
• Once the engagement letter is back, we will have completed the profile and we will be able to send the profile snapshot to UW Review.
• At this point we will get the response from UW review and then assign a private banker to the file based on the profile.
• Lastly I will arrange to have the private banker contact you to start the KYC process ( Know Your Client ) and start processing the Private Client Application.

Overall goal

Note that our initial call on products are a ball park of terms offered, based on a dozen variables. On the initial call with the borrower it is hard to know exactly what program will be offered, until we see the entire profile and review the documents and assign relationship manager. This process is also detailed on the intro video on the website link below, and shows how you can utilize value in cash and securities to add your account value to the property value to get the desired loan amount. If you need a further detailed discussion on the strategy for your transaction and how this might apply to you, please feel free to email me so we can review.

Feel free to visit and view the intro video to private banking at

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