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Blog Review: SD Sea Coast Properties

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 3/27/2014

Sea Coast exclusive properties

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I was enjoying a casual scroll through the real estate blog, when I came upon something alarming - the December 27, 2013 entry, Meet Tigger: Pet Of The Week

Like most other Homo sapiens, I am highly sympathetic to the fluffy, furry, and four-footed variety of pals who cohabitate our homes. So I clicked.

tigger sea coast properties“Tigger is impressive. He’s big, but not huge. His coat is soft and fluffy. He has bright, golden eyes and long white whiskers. And if good looks aren’t enough to win your heart, he’s super nice. He gets along great with other cats and when he wants attention he tells you with a soft Meow.”

For an adoption fee of $100, Tigger would receive a home (of course), medical exam, vaccinations, neuter operation and microchip. And oh boy I hope that cat did. I really do.

A cynic would tell me that cats are fluff (no pun intended) and have zip to do with real estate expertise. The animal shelter posts are good for PR and that’s it. But I beg to differ.

The Sea Coast Exclusive Properties team is based deep in Southern California in San Diego County. I grew up visiting the area, specifically the little town of Carlsbad; the lifestyle is relaxed, the vibe humanitarian. It’s easy for me to see how broadcasting for the local animal shelter would feel less like a marketing tactic and far more like sheer obligation for anyone running a locally-minded blog.

Even the company tagline is rooted in the laid-back tradition of San Diego living: “Relax… We’ll handle the details!” Speaking of details, the blog delivers.

If you want to know about the goings on of the San Diego coast, is the virtual bulletin board that will fill you in thoroughly, and regularly. The blog is updated several times per month and reads like a calendar of need-to-know events.

Italian film festival? Check. Coffee houses? Check. Infographics? Check. Market reports? Check. Property listings, top ten lists, charity announcements, reflective musings, real estate advice? Check, check, check, check and check.

But I’m going to talk about something I rarely mention: format. One of my very favorite features of the blog is its navigation. The blog is easy to find on the site’s home page and the entries are organized into a classic roll, one post after another in white and yellow against a calming black. It’s easy on the eyes (an undeniable break from this bright Word document) and easy to browse.

san diego real estate

With giant thumbnails previewing infographics, charity posters and gorgeous listings complete with social share buttons, the blog is one of the most user friendly I’ve ever seen. A quick bookmark of the blog’s main page could turn anyone into a social butterfly, defenseless against the promising, colorful community activity.

Get social and connect with the blog here; they make it easy for you. 

About The Author:
Stevie Duffin
Stevie is the Senior Editor at Lender411. She manages the site's Authorship Program and social media pages. Stevie graduated from UC Santa Barbara with a BS. Contact her: stevie@lender411com.

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