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Blog Review: Rochester Real Estate Blog

By Stevie Duffin Updated on 3/12/2014

rochester real estate

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Upon perusing the Rochester Real Estate Blog, a very appetizing entry immediately catches my eye:

February ’14 Recipe – Beef Stew

Now, I love me some beef stew, but what does it have to do with real estate? After I read more of the blog, I realized that while beef stew has nothing to do with home selling, it’s probably the most subliminal reason I’d choose the Hiscock team to sell my New York home.

Keith and Kyle Hiscock are the father and son team behind, and they know the value of seasoning their business with a little bit of family. That’s where the beef stew comes in.

hiscock anniversaryThe February 25 recipe entry is a part of the Hiscocks’ Homestyle Cooking series, which will post once per month. Beef stew was on the table for a very special moment, when the family celebrated the 35th wedding anniversary of Keith and his wife, Kim (pictured to the left). The post is crafted with the love and care you’d expect from a tight knit group, and this passage illustrates my point expertly:

“The finished product tasted excellent. The preparation instruction are pretty good with this recipe. The only thing we’d change the next time around would be the amount of water that is called for . . . The ‘stew’ was almost a ‘soup’ with the amount of water that the recipe called for.”

With Pin-able photos and social share buttons all down the page, the beef stew recipe is by far one of the most endearing and savvy posts I’ve seen to date. The Hiscocks are not too cool to share some Kodak moments with you, but they’re not new to business, either - in fact, these guys are veterans.

The Hiscocks have about 30 years of experience between them, and assert their authority with plenty of hard hitting blog entries including comprehensive local market reports and home buyer and seller tips. One I found to be particularly helpful was Offer Accepted! Now What?

In a devastatingly thorough account, the Hiscocks lay out a plan of attack that would help the most clueless buyers as well as the most seasoned. Who knew so many attorneys get involved with a real estate closing?

“There are three attorneys (bank attorney, buyers attorney, sellers attorney) that play a role in getting an accepted offer to the closing table. In most cases, the accepted offer will be contigent upon the review and approval of the buyers and sellers approval within a set amount of days from acceptance. From this point, the sellers attorney will have the abstract updated, a title search done and review it for problems, cure the problems (if applicable), get the discharges of any mortgages, prepare the deeds, and order the instrument survey.”real estate tips

Normally I wouldn’t choose such a technical excerpt for a blog review, but it’s the depth and technicality of the Hiscocks’ articles that I really appreciate. Plenty of fluffy blogs exist solely for SEO marketing, so when a real estate article is written by a real estate expert as opposed to a content writer, the attention to detail speaks volumes. The jargon may be tedious but when you’re buying or selling a home, it’s a great relief to have the nitty-gritty spelled out for you by someone who knows what they’re talking about.

Keith and Kyle Hiscock know what they’re talking about, and I suggest you get in the know by visiting If you’re a New York resident in or around Rochester, you’re in for a homegrown and sharply en pointe treat. Oh, and the beef stew isn’t half bad, either. 

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