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i am looking into a co-op property. Do lenders offer special purchase options for co-op properties?

by carnie.andale828 from Bronx, New York. Feb 21st 2020 Reply

Michelle Curtis Loan Originator NMLS 401173 (MichelleCurtisLO)
#77 ranked lender in Florida - 2,245 contributions

Hi. For a co-op you can only do a conventional loan. We deal with lots of conventional loans on co-ops. Feel free to call me with any questions or to get pre approved. Michelle 845-323-3069

Feb 21st 2020

Co ops don't have special purchase options. They have specific let's say rules or guidelines for Co ops.Plus Co ops have there rules as well.Feel free to call me for information and I can get you a mortgage.Neil 718-551-7356

Feb 22nd 2020
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