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As the SW Florida Regional Manager for SeaTrust Mortgage, I am actively looking for experienced loan officers, loan officer assistants and mortgage loan processors that we can pair with our trusted real estate agents' network.

Borrowers, we offer Conventional, FHA, VA and USDA loans as well as Bank Statement Loans, 0% down up to a purchase price of $700,00, Medical Professional loans to 100% of the purchase price; our medical program includes Pharmacists, Chiropractors and Veterinarians.

Realtors, we close loans quickly and professions. We are so committed to delivering ON TIME that we offer a ON TIME CLOSE pledge! We close your file on time or pay your buyer $,00* We pride ourselves on pro-active communication, so you don't have to wonder what's going on with the loans you send to SeaTrust.

I can be contacted at 813-616-9411 or via email at

*SeaTrust Mortgage's Closing Guarantee program has terms and conditions. Only pre-qualified borrowers are eligible to participate with a fully accepted offer to purchase. The loan must close and fund for the for the guarantee to be honored and payment will be made within 30 days after closing. The clock starts when SeaTrust Mortgage receives intent to proceed and ends with close of escrow.

The APR, and if the rate may be increased after consummation, a statement of that fact; The terms of repayment, e.g., the number, amount, and frequency, including any balloon payment (if the loan has a discounted or premium rate, payment stream should reflect the number and amount of payments at the initial and fully indexed rates); and if a credit sale, the amount of any down payment.

SeaTrust Mortgage NMLS #1894879 | 7380 West Sand Lake Road, Suite 500 Orlando, FL 32819 |Equal Housing Lende

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By kakolictg104 on April 15, 2021
He will do the impossible to get the deal to close and to make the clients happy! Steve will keep you updated all the time. Very knowledgeable and intelligent.
Working with Steve Jackson was great! I would recommend him to anyone looking for a loan. He kept me informed the entire way, thoroughly explained the process, and we were able to close early!

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