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Michael Diaz's Answers

Should I let my 7-1 ARM just reset ? They aer telling me it will be cheaper than what I am paying at 5.25% for a jumbo.
I would look into a refinance, we have some pretty low rates and check your options. As rates rise that ARM will continue to get higher. I would have no problem letting you know what you are eligible for just email me or get info at
Need a mortgage, 260,000, 680 FICO, Arizona
so whats the problem, that seems pretty basic, we go down to 620 on conventional, will go down to a 540 on a case by case basis. Fha and VA down to a 580
Mortgage approval amount and almost paid off car payment
We no longer count installment loans against your ratios once you have 10 or less payments at closing. Some loan programs will allow you to go up to a 56% debt to income ratio.
I am in need of a conventional loan ASAP that allows a co-signer. My husband has been a 1099 for 2 years and I am a W-2 but we currently have a FHA loan and need to be approved for another one is able to help? Any ideas?
We actually do portfolio conventional loans that will allow up to a 50% debt to income ratio, you can go to and check it out if you would like me to look further into it just contact me
Are there any no doc loans or stated income loans available?
they do exist in certain states but to only 65% ltv, another option to that is using your deposits on your bank statements to qualify. This is a program that I have access to. If you need any help please contact me
Can I Get an FHA Loan With a Credit Score of 600?
we do FHA loans down to a 580 score, but also have a conventional loan program that goes down to a 540 score where we evaluate your last 12-18 months pay history
what happens if i owe more on my house than it is worth?
You can refinance under the HARP program, but depending on your state there might be funding from Hardest Hit funds to help pay down your loan
Mortgage for two-family home which buyer wants to occupy as a single family home
the 2 unit shouldn't affect the down payment amount. T Here are loans now that you can include the renovation of the home through the loan. If you want any info just email or get info at
Can recent unemployment affect me getting a mortgage?
When you receive a gap in employment we just need to address it with an explanation. We could use your new base income as long as we can verify it. Our company has the ability to fund the loan through digital verification of income in lieu of pay stub, any questions please contact me or www...
Can I get a mortgage after starting a new job?
If we can find a way to relate it to what you are currently doing, it would not be a problem to use it. Contact me 702.609.2607 or or go ot my site
Investment property vs. 2nd home purchase
Is your daughter going to school where you are buying the condo?Even if you do as an investment property you dont have to charge rent. There are a couple ways we could work this out. Just contact me with any questions call or text 702.764.3511
Who will lend in Nevada under Harp 2.0 when LTV maybe over 125%?
This is something we could help with, i have done LTV's above that, contact me for details
Should I refinance now or later? Have I missed my chance?
I would definitely refinance right now, if you email me and send the info I could get a property profile and let you know more accurately what value we think. Also right now we are one of the few companies that can do appraisal waivers if it passes through the computer system we have. Our 7/1 arm rates are...
Are there any HARP 2.0 lenders who will work with someone in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?
If you have been in this BK and paying on it for at least 12 months and can get court approval you have some options. There are other loan programs that allow you to get a loan 1 day out of BK. contact me text or call 702.764.3511 or
How to buy a house after bankruptcy?
If you didnt reaffirm it why are you making payments? Depending if you have a down payment you can buy one day out of BK. Its a wierd situation I would need to see the BK papers and credit to see where we stand and set up a solution
How do I get off the mortage I share with my ex-wife?
You would have to do refinances. We do have a divorce loan program that allows for a couple different allowances. Would need to see both applications and work them simotaneously, at least we could check it out. Call or text me Mike 702.764.3511 or
fha loan minimum
We will go down to 30k on specific programs.
usda or fha loans
On some loans you can have over 5 acres but we will not give value over 5 acres. But there are various loan programs available for you
Mortgage after bankruptcy, no reaffirmation, stay & pay situation
If you have made the last 12 payments on time and the home was no re-foreclosed I could get the loan done for you. I have ran into many of these situations through the years. PLease contact me 702 764 3511 or

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