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what happens if i owe more on my house than it is worth?

by stevenploetz from , . Jul 18th 2011 Reply

Jake OLeary (joleary)
#29 ranked lender in Washington - 11 contributions

If your home is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac there are options to go upto 125% Loan To Value and Unlimited Combined Loan To Value if you have a 2nd mortgage. Contact me at or call 360-915-9609 -- Thanks Jake O'Leary

Jul 18th 2011
Michael Diaz (sincityloandr)
#60 ranked lender in Nevada - 66 contributions

You can refinance under the HARP program, but depending on your state there might be funding from Hardest Hit funds to help pay down your loan

Feb 21st 2019
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