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VA Home Loans
Good Morning Joe...The information that you were given is NOT correct...Also the information that ColoradoLender gave you is NOT correct...The VA Home Loan is available to both active and inactive Veterans that have served in the Armed Forces of the United States...A minimum number of days is required...Please...
How do I make fake paysubs?
You may have found a new home for yourself, paid by us Tax Payers...The fake paystubs should qualify does illegal ring a bell...Ron856-853-1234e/m
What's the longest period I can lock my rate for? 90 days? is that possible?
GoodMorning Rocky...90 days is the normal lock period, however a longer period should be eligible if you are purchasing new construction...Your plan may not work for you, since most Lenders will require a fee paid upfront on a lock longer then 45 days...Also if you do cancell your application, the Lender will...
If I have FICO 620, is REFI completely out of question?
Good Morning Max...Yes you would be eligible for the FHA mortgage, but you would have to meet additional requirements - such as Income and sufficent equity in the home...Feel free to contact us at 856-853-1234...or e/
My mortgage when I die
Good Morning Jennifer...You will be able to designate who the home goes to -But-the mortgage must be paid off...Feel free to contact us at 856-853-1234...or e/m
Is it possible to refinance 2 mortgages at the same time?
Good Morning Barbara...Yes you can refinance both a 1st and 2nd mortgage at the same time...Obviously the loan to value must be considered...Feel free to call us 856-853-1234...or e/m
FHA refinance instead of Home Affordable refi?
Good Morning Derek...The FHA Mortgage may work for you...Contact us when you have a chance...Thanks Ron---e/m
What is the preferred down payment for a house? Is it better to put less if i can get a loan or is it advised to put 20% in this economy?
With the rates that are available today, the Minimum down is the better choice...Try an obtain the FHA Mortgage...Ron856-853-1234e/m Money@RonWohlfarth.comweb
Its Time To Refinance!
A refinance may make sense...However, you have a couple of issues that you need to review...Contact us when you have a chance...Rone/m Money@RonWohlfarth.comweb
looking to buy a home with no down payment but my credit score is to low and my income is to high. is there anyway that i can be helped.
Good Morning Brandy...VA Mortgage - Rural Home Mortgage = 100% financing...FHA Mortgage = 96.% financing...Contact us when you have a chance...Thanks Ron---e/m
Need A Lender. FICO 721, co-signer FICO 671
Good Morning abaseball...Hopefully you have secured a lender and are proceeding with your construction loan...If you have not, please contact us at Money@RonWohlfarth.comor thru our web site at http://www.WoodburyMoney.comThank you Ron
Any advice is appreciated
The amount of time you have lived in your home is not the question, The current value and the balance on your mortgage is the key. Of course emmployment, earnings and credit score are also important.Please contact us to further discuss this:e/m or phone 856-853-1234...Thank you ...
How do you know whether you can get USDA loan?
Good Morning Healthybear...Please forward info on the State and County that you are interested in...Thanks Rone/m Money@RonWohlfarth.com856-853-1234
I have a 15 yr fixed rate mortage with 8 yrs left. I owe $120K. I can refinance to a no cost 7/1 ARM at 2.75%. If I continue to pay my mortgage at my current rate today of $1606 (P&I), I should be able to pay off my mortgage in 7 yrs, cutting of one entire year from my current 15 yr fixed rate. Make sense?
The "No cost" refinance concerns me...This may not be an out of pocket cost...But the Mortgage amount may increase...Please proceed with caution...Ask questions...Obtain written documentation as to the total transaction...Feel free to contact us with any questions. Ron -- 856-853-1234 --...
What does my employment history need to be to apply for a mortgage?
Good Morning Nashville...Your length of employment should be fine...The bigger concern is your credit score...Let us know if we can help you with this process,,,Thanks
I am presently out of chapter 7 bankruptcy but I need to purchase a home for my family the house cost $70,000 probably can get it for $63,500 what are my avenues I must take
Good Morning Davis...Thanks for contacting us...We look forward to assisting you with your purchase you...Before we can advise you on the avenues available to you, we will need to review various income, credit and assets that you currently have...Please e/m us at or contact us at...
do you need to have 20% equity in your home value to qualify for refinance & does all 3 credit reports need to be at 740? I have that on 1
Good Morning 7sheep_... Yes I have to agree with both Jamie and also Anthony...Your credit score should be 640 or better and that is the middle score of the three scores...As to your loan to value, there are programs that will exceed the 20% LTV, However we would need to review your current Mortgage Documents to...
Refinance with cash out on a condo
Good Morning Margar__...Before you proceed with this refinance, let us look at your:1--Mortgage Statement...2--Mortgage Note...Once we receive that we will review your Condo community to determine a probable value of your unit...Any questions or concerns, please contact us...Thank you ...
Does disability count as income for a mortgage?
Yes disability income is considered income if it will continue for a minimum of 3 years... You will need a confirmation letter from a Doctor or a document from the government confirming your longterm eligibility for disability...Additionl questions or concerns, please contact...
Credit score of 654, is it possible for me to purchase a home?
Good Morning Terry...Please feel free to contact us by phone or e/mail listed below...for--Financing Questions...Pre-Qualifications...or simply someone to bounce a few ideas off of...Take care RonMoney@RonWohlfarth.comwww.RonWohlfarth.com856-853-1234

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