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Ron Aguilar's Answers

Could I qualify for a home loan with a low credit score and a high down payment?
I appears you need guidance from a Loan Officer like myself. Since 1995 I have been guiding people to get qualified to buy or refinance a home. If I can't help you today then we will work together until you do qualify. In the meantime maybe you can refer anyone you know that may need advice, they will be...
Ca I get a home equity loan with bad credit?
if you have a cosignor the lender will still require your scores to be acceptable. If your home is free and clear I suggest doing regular 1st mortgage not a home equity which is also more strict about your scores. What is affecting your credit scores to be lower?
What are the restrictions on getting more than one FHA loan?
All answers are spot on. Question to you: What if you tried Conventional instead of FHA?
Can my wife do a streamline refinance on an FHA loan and add me on the loan when she has no income?
Your information is correct. Many variables exist in your situation. Call 435-272-4856 for better solutions. "Helping Utah homeowners since 1995"
Can I borrow the downpayment for my fha loan?
That depends on what you mean about borrowing? You really need to know all your options to decide what works best for you. I have been helping Utah homeowners here in Utah since 1995. Call me at 801-599-8526 or visit my web site at:
i was told i could get a refi rate for 2.4%
not really a scam but many details exist with this type of financing. Isn't your current rate good already?
Are there any zero down payment options outside of VA?
Utah housing is 100% financing, go to: http://utahhousingcorp.orgWe offer this financing, Ron Aguilar NMLS: 201859. 801-441-2336
is it easier for fam coming from canada to get a foreign national loan or have the mortgage be in my name then transferred?
Very good question, many variables exist. To detailed to outline in this post. I have been lending here in Utah since 1995. Call my direct line at: 801-441-2336. Ron Aguilar NMLS 201859
Can my dad get a reverse mortgage even though his mortgage is not paid off?
Your question prompts me to ask many other questions. A simple question with a simple answer is not always the best resolve. Ron Aguilar, NMLS: 201859 Direct line: 801-441-2336
how much cash would i be able to get out of an fha cashout refi?
Don't do that. You need some advice about FHA Mortgage Insurancecall 801-441-2336 ask for Ron Aguilar, NMLS 201859
is it possible to pay closing costs on credit?
This question requires a complete explanation that is too large in this space. Call me at my service line: 801-441-2336 Ron Aguilar lender since 1995. NMLS 201859
Can i get a jumbo loan with a 712 credit score?
Yes, you can but remember pricing varies a lot between lenders. We can price your loan among the best lenders which will save you a ton of money spent on interest. Call 801-441-2336
do i qualify for usda based on info provided below
you have several options that the internet will not show with good Ron at 801-441-2336
i cosigned and they defaulted - hurt my chances of a new mortgage?
according to your scenario many variables exist that you can't determine on the internet. Save your time and call me at my service line: 801-441-2336 Ron Aguilar, NMLS 201859
do lenders waive mortgage insurance if the down payment is sizeable?
That is a short question with a bit longer question,call my hotline at 801-441-2336 for the best answerRon Aguilar, NMLS 201859
Qualifying for a va loan based on husband
You will need a specific power of attorney to execute on your end and to record.More details are applied but I can explain if we talkcall 801-599-8526Ron Aguilar, Lender since 1995 in Utah
wat mortgage would i be approved for
Your question and answers appear to put you in a Utah Housing mortgage but many other criteria must be discovered. Call me at: 801-441-2336Ron Aguilar, NMLS 201859
buy now or later /?
As you have noticed the talking heads are telling you that economically it's time to buy. It's not about buying, it's about solving your needs. I am not here to convince you to buy, is there ever a perfect time to buy? Sure rates are still good and maybe the inventory could be better but you need an advantage...

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