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Reggie Hayes's Answers

Interested in home equity to p/o 1st and taxes. Wife apply w/o husband due to bankruptcy. Is this possible?
Depends on State requirements. If wife is on the title then this can be done as long as she debt ratios properly, also mortgage history is important of course.
What is an acceptable credit score for FHA purchase?
The answer to your question directly is 620 middle score. (middle of 3 bureau, lower of 2 bureau). The type of property will come in to play if you are looking at condo's as they require specific approvals from FHA.There are other considerations as well. I would be more than happy to discuss with you...
Can I make this work?
Given the circumstances, I would suggest that you find another property, or get someone to loan/gift you the 20% down.
upfront broker questions
Wow, there are some really sarcastic answers here. But, there is a reason for it. One instance you question when a broker says that he will do the loan for free, which he will not, second you question the fairness of .5 plus 500 app fee. There is work that we do as Loan Officers that we get paid for, just as you do...
Here is what I want a new home, 15 year loan with no closing costs :)
The old addage of "you get what you pay for" is definitely in play here. You cannot go to your favorite resturant and ask for their best meal and expect to get it for free. Nor will you go into your place of employment and work 40+ hrs and on pay day give them the money that you have earned back. When...
can I qualify for a long with a 648 credit score?
Yes you can and I can help. Call or email me so we can discuss further. My name is Reggie Hayes and I am with Secure Lending Solutions. My email address is and my web site is look forward to working with you.
can you help with a refinance
I am here to assist. Reggie Hayes with Secure Lending Solutions 888-475-7684 x213, email, web site look forward to hearing from you.
Open house, pre-approval
You can attend open houses without being preapproves. Although, Realtors will take you more seriously if you are approved before hand. They will spend more time and effort with someone whom they know is ready with proof in hand versus a "lookie lou" so to speak.I am available to get you pre...
can i get approved for a home loan with a credit score of 570?
Happy New Year. With the current loan programs today you must have a minimum middle credit score of 620 to qualify. (middle score of the 3 major credit bureaus)With a 570 you are not that far away. I work with a company that can assist. Either give me a call at 248-361-1908 cell/office 856-672 3494 or follow...
Should I get a second mortgage or refinance?
Hello.The answer to this question should be simple but it is not. In normal times there would be options for you to get a second mortgage. Now there are second mortgage or lines of credit mostly thru your local banks and which require excellent credit profiles. So, what you need to find out is how you credit...
If I have FICO 620, is REFI completely out of question?
Definitely not out of the question. There are programs out there for you. I can assist you with options. FHA will do no cash out refinance up to 97.75% LTV.Call or email me to discuss,, 248-361-1908
how long will the rate be locked in for
Rates can be locked for 15, 30, 45, or 60 days depending on the type of loan that you are doing. For more details or questions I can be reached at, or 888-475-7684 x213

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