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can i get approved for a home loan with a credit score of 570?

by BLOSSOM TANG from muskegon, Michigan. Dec 30th 2009 Reply

Reggie Hayes (rhayes)
#15 ranked lender in New Jersey - 12 contributions

Happy New Year. With the current loan programs today you must have a minimum middle credit score of 620 to qualify. (middle score of the 3 major credit bureaus)With a 570 you are not that far away. I work with a company that can assist. Either give me a call at 248-361-1908 cell/office 856-672 3494 or follow this link me know if you have any questions. Heres to a Blessed and Prosperous New Year!!!!

Dec 31st 2009
Cristina Romero-Graham (Cristina Romero-Graham)
#114 ranked lender in California - 4 contributions

Blossom with a 570 credit score you may not get approve for any mortgage loan since the minimum credit score of 620. I would suggest you to work on you credit your not to far from 620. I you have any questions please call me at 714-978-2855 my name is Cris.

Dec 30th 2009
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