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Queen City Funding, Inc. is committed to offering New Yorkers the highest quality of professional service to each and every client. We have have built a reputation of offering honest, ethical and thorough service. We specialize in purchase and refinance (with CEMA's when applicable)transactions of residential New York state properties.

Our customers are always treated with respect, courtesy and professionalism throughout the loan process. We are approved with mulptipe lenders which allows us the flexibility to tailor a home loan that best fits your wants and needs.

Communication is our top priority. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions that you may have concerning home financing. Others may quote lower but we DELIVER!

Visit us on the web for a no cost, no obligation quote today at :


Queen City Funding, Inc. NMLS# 52412 is a Registered New York State Mortgage Broker

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5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Chris was very very attentive, I am currently in Guam and purchased a home in New York. Chris was very good to work with even with the time change. A few times I had to call after office hours and it was not a problem. He worked well with some of the closing issues I had. Would highly recommend Chris to others.

BryanGardner (01/31/2011) 

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Chris was absolutely fantastic to work with. He closed on my mortgage efficiently and for exactly what he quoted me for. He answered my phone calls and emails immediately and got me a fantastic deal! I would totally recommend him to anyone looking to get a mortgage, you can't go wrong!

ctladies  (11/10/2010)

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

I had a terrific experience with Queen City - it couldn't have been better! Chris answered all of my questions, and was always available over the phone - even once in the early evening and another on Saturday. He had a great attitude also, not pushy like others I contacted. I used Queen City for a refi, and was surprised by how easy the whole process was. I would definitely recommend this lender to friends and family.

johnviloria  (10/24/2010)

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Chris was an angel! Without his assistance, I doubt if I would have been able to obtain the mortgage to purchase my house. He was able to deal with the bank's beaurocracy as well as close quickly enough to get the tax credit. Furthermore, he helped guide us through the whole process of purchasing a house and helped time our lock so we were able to get an absurd rate on a 15-year fixed mortgage. DO NOT GO TO ANYONE ELSE!!!

smoya  (08/03/2010) 

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Chris was great to work with. He was always available by phone or e-mail and answered all of my questions promptly. Everything went very smoothly thanks to all of Chris' good work.

tigereye17  (07/15/2010)

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Top notch mortgage broker. Got final break down only $500 more than the GFE he gave. Got a record low 4.5% rate for a 30 year conventional in the process and the lock got extended for free for 3 days also. He worked wonder in my case to close on time with the seller. Absolutely fantastic and honest and, most importantly, RESPONSIVE! I will recommend this mortgage broker over any of those you know

tsangwc  (06/23/2010) 

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

Our family has been trying to refinance for over a year, and have been turned down by two lenders before, on the brink of closing. In the family of two wage earners, one of us is self-employed, which created a lot of difficulties in establishing the required debt-to-income ratio, etc. Finally, we decided to work with a professional mortgage broker and found Chris Corica on Zillow. His reviews read solid, and we chose to believe what the people who recommended him were saying. That was a good move. Simply put, we would not have been able to close without his patient and expert advice and creative solutions to the hurdles that the banking regulations continued to put in the way of our refinance process. He was able to resuscitate the deal that appeared dead more than once. Finally, we closed at the rate that we wanted and on the terms that we are comfortable with. Thank you Chris, you are a miracle worker!

valbaker  (05/19/2010)  

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

I closed on my home April 30th and have to say the process was painless. The main reason for the my "painless closing" was my mortgage broker Chris Corica. Chris and I started the loan process in late February and his professional and methodical way of doing business is why we were able to close on time and without any "hidden" or "surpise" payments. Anytime I had a question along the process a quick call or email to Chris was met with an immediate response back from him. The true testament of how good Chris does his job is the comment I recieved from the sellers agent at our closing last week when she said "That broker of yours was FABULOUS!"..."I am going to give his name and number to my clients." Anyway I can't recommend Chris enough. If you are looking for someone who is Honest, Reliable and Professional he is the man for you.

olives22  (05/07/2010) 

5.0/5.0 Closed with lender

As a first time buyer, Chris Corica was the best person to work with on the lending side as I went through the buying process. Chris is very professional, informative, detail oriented, and efficient. Chris went above and beyond to help me during the stages of getting the loan close (2/2010). He was very supportive, diligent and timely in processing the paperwork with my bank while working with a strict time line given by the seller. Chris got me a great 4.875% rate and low closing costs. Chris does what he says; he doesn't pressure you, and gives accurate information. I was very impress with how Chris helped me close on the house despite many obstacles yielded by a foreclosure property. It was a pleasure having Chris assists me in my loan process. I would recommend him very highly to anyone. The role Chris played in helping me get the loan impressed my mom - a harsh critic and judge - and she sent him many blessings.

I first got in contact with Chris last year via e-mail. I saw Chris' information on Zillow and sent him a few questions regarding a property I wanted to buy that was a flip. I didn't think I would get a response but the next day Chris contacted me back with detail information. Although, I didn't buy that property I was impress with the information provided and his attentiveness.

Almost a year later, I finally found my house and was ready to get a loan. The most important thing to me was 30 days closing date, low interest rate and low closing cost. I was dealing with several other banks / brokers but I was not happy with their high rates and their level of service and professionalism. I did some research on Zillow and Chris? name popped up again with one of the best rate. I remembered we had contact before and reached out to him. Chris immediately got back to me and sent me a GFE.

We spoke on the telephone and via e-mail. I was comfortable right away after speaking with Chris on the phone, I felt he was genuine in helping me and he was very professional. We worked together for almost a month (January ? February) in securing the loan. He got me all the paperwork quickly, followed up promptly with any questions I had, responded to inquiries from my lawyer, realtor, seller and the lender in a timely fashion. When I didn?t understand the new GFE, Chris went over and over it with me until I was comfortable with what I was signing.

When problems and confusion arose during the last stage of the closing process (through no fault of Chris or my lender), Chris stood firmly by my side. When I doubted that the whole process would go through because of the seller?s mistakes, Chris implored me to have faith and to hang on. I was very nervous and frustrated at the end (dealing with people that were unprofessional); Chris helped me deal with situations until finally the closing end of February.

As a 1st time homebuyer, Chris is top notch to work with. I would definitely recommend him to other Homebuyers and continually to tell others of his tremendous help in my buying process. Thank you Chris.


ivorynd  (03/16/2010)

5.0/5.0 Two thumbs up for Chris (and his lawyer Sharon Black and her secretary).

I was reading the Zillow forums in summer 2009 and read some comments about the mortgage brokers rated on Zillow. I poked around on the Zillow site and saw that Chris had all perfect ratings so my wife and I decided to contact him. He responded quickly.

After following different leads on houses through summer and into late fall (Chris got us the pre-approval letters quickly) he got us a GREAT rate for the house we finally purchased... 4.625% He called us the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday) to try and get us a rate lock b/c he felt that rates would begin to shoot up quickly (which they did through December) but the banks were closed so he couldn't lock the rate until Monday 11/30 (Cyber Monday). He got us locked in and a day or two later rates began to move up.

According to the contract, we were supposed to close by the end of December and Chris pointed out that with a 30-day lock we could have gotten a 4.5% rate, but if for some reason we couldn't close on time, we'd lose the lock, that it wasn't worth the risk and to lock for 45 days at 4.625%. Chris was right.... the sellers couldn't get ready by the end of December and pushed the closing almost to the middle of January, right down to the wire. We closed in time for the favorable rate thanks to Chris' good judgment. If we had to extend the original rate it would have cost an additional $1,750 in bank fees. Chris saved us big time.

Chris was available at all times, giving us his email, office number and cell, taking calls and questions at all hours. One night it sounded like he was making dinner and he still kept PATIENTLY answering questions. Another time he was at his kid's hockey tournament... in Canada. He called when he was sick. He called on Christmas Eve. What more can you ask of a man?

I'm not sure if you could do better than with Chris Corica. Even if you saved a few bucks please make sure it's worth it. Chris gave us peace of mind. He's an honest, salt-of-the-earth guy. He does all his own work. He works his own contacts at the bank and doesn't list excuses or pass you off to a secretary. He earns every penny and if you check his GFE he keeps his rate and all the fees to a minimum.

YMMV state by state, but in our case (on LI in NY) we needed a lawyer to complete the transaction. Chris suggested we allow Sharon Black (the bank lawyer) to represent us. She is another bright star. She dealt with the (occasionally antagonistic) attorney for the sellers, also gave us her cell, answered questions patiently and didn't charge us a dime as buyers. Umm... where's the catch?

We closed last night. Sharon had a title guy at the closing to represent us. If you don't feel comfortable without a lawyer present at closing to represent you then pay for one to be present. Otherwise going with Sharon turned out to be a good choice. My wife and I did our homework and felt pretty comfortable meeting the title guy a few minutes before the other party showed at the closing. It was amicable and we just signed the mountain of papers, had some laughs, and left with the key to our new home.

When we saw all of Chris' good ratings we were concerned he either had a lot of friends/shills out there creating reviews about him, or was just simply, a hard-working, honest man. We were glad to find he was the latter - honest, hard-working and reliable. We recommend him unconditionally.

Ricerca  (01/17/2010)

5.0/5.0  I'm really glad I chose Chris for my mortgage. He was professional, easy to get in touch with, didn?t hide anything, and didn't try and talk me into anything. Other mortgage brokers I spoke to almost reminded me of car salesmen. After speaking to one in particular it was easy to see how people could get themselves in trouble.

All throughout the process it was clear that Chris cares about his job and customers and is more than willing to go out of his way to make things happen on time. There were a bunch of issues during my purchase (nothing to do with Chris or the mortgage) and it was looking like the closing was going to get delayed to a very inconvenient time for me due to circumstances out of my control. Somehow, on Thanksgiving week, Chris got the paperwork rushed through and even got the lawyers to stay late the day before Thanksgiving in order to close the following Monday. He also lost some of his fees because of this which really shows his dedication.

I would have no problem recommending Chris to someone.

esokol  (12/06/2009) 

5.0/5.0 Chris was a pleasure to deal with. As a first time home buyer he helped give me a clear understanding of the loan process and answered all my questions. My home purchase plans have been delayed for awhile but I will definitely come back to Chris when the time comes.

Thank you for all your time and help!

KateandDan  (11/03/2009)

5.0/5.0 Chris has been so helpful, always straight forward with every detail. I closed with him about a month ago and the final numbers were close eoungh to his initial GFE. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone. One more thing - I got the great rate from him, one of the lowest possible among 5 lenders I contacted.

punk747  (10/26/2009)

5.0/5.0 Chris was great. He was very informative and seems to know this business very well. He was straight foward and responded quickly. I could not close at this time, but will apply again in late 2010 through Queen City Funding. Thanks, Tony.

Tonyco  (10/10/2009)

5.0/5.0 I was ready to lock in with another lender but saw on Zillow that Chris could get me a much better rate. He was able to begin my application and get the 30 day lock that same day. The other broker didn't believe that the rate was real, or that the other bank would be able to complete the application process in 30 days, but Chris came through. We closed on time and the rate and fees were as promised. Chris was always available to talk and was a huge help throughout the process; I don't see why anyone would go anywhere else with a higher rate.

paul.caplan  (08/09/2009)

5.0/5.0 All the comments on this site about Chris are totally accurate. He validated what I was concerned about, namely that banks are not coming through on the appraisals to secure a refinance at a good rate. Even though it meant he couldn't do a deal with me, he gave me honest, sage advice--saving me a lot of time, money and headaches. Chris is the most reputable business man who I would trust on any real estate mortgage/refinance transaction. Glad to see that there are still people out there like this. Thank you Chris!

Mark Schroeder
Kerhonkson, New York

whitebread1970  (04/17/2009)

5.0/5.0 The service Chris provided was truly outstanding. Never once did I feel pressured. Throughout the process he would always let me know what needed to be done and explained everything in detail. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a loan.

Slydawg1  (03/13/2009)

5.0/5.0 I am very pleased with Chris and am sorry for myself I did not know him when I first closed on my house the first time. He helped me tremendously with my CEMA refinance which saved me thousandssss of $$$ minus the headache!!! The whole experience went very smoothly... so efficient and strategic!!! More power Chris!!! Thanks for all your help! You will always be my favorite broker!!! =)

endie  (03/12/2009)

5.0/5.0 Unfortunately, we were not able to close the refinancing deal with Chris as we would be ended up paying way more than we wanted to pass the LTV ratio (our home value was in a declining mode). However, Chris was extremely helpful and providing us with many, many useful advises that we would not think of. Chris is a client focused, very diligent and so much pleasure to work with. I definitely recommend Chris to anyone who is currently planning to get a morgage or refinance. He is a star.

yumichama  (02/05/2009)

5.0/5.0 Chris counseled me that even with an interest rate nearly one percent below my current rate,
refinancing may not be in my best interest.

He is is very honest and I would highly recommend him to those seeking to refinance.

bdtayl  (01/28/2009)

5.0/5.0 Chris was knowledable and patient. He explained everything to me in a professional manner. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good loan. Very honest and nice too. I will continue to work with him and weight all my options but he is definitely on the top of the list.

Thanks Chris.

gf1025  (01/04/2009)

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