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NNN - CTL's and Public Buildings

Tuesday, February 21, 2012 - Article by: CommercialFundingNow - Commercial Funding Now - Message

I have a wonderful product that offers very attractive financing solutions for public projects!

It's a great instrument because it frees up city/county/state money - thereby greatly assisting annual budgeting, is non-recourse and structured as a closed-end lease. It also offers private sector financing for single-tenant, CTL's.

Rates and terms make this financing option very attractive and as such, has been utilized throughout the country on various projects such as the Federal courthouse in Texas, FBI and ATF in Mississippi, DOT in Alaska, various IRS, INS, and SS offices throughout the US.

Brokers compensated, and protected! For more information, regarding this and other products visit our web site or call 847-245-4600!

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