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Tuesday, December 10, 2013 - Article by: cprickett - Caliber Home Loans - Message

Very few words.. Stay clear of Loan Simple out of Englewood Co. I moved to Caliber Home Loans and can close on qualified clients 200 percent faster and more efficiently. Loan Simple has endless conditions and this technique is over used to allow them to manage which loans they choose to devote attention to and make. Loan Simple has no credit policy. They broker to Chase and Citi and fe others. Often the policys of Chase and Citi are not followed. It really is a place that picks and chooses who they want to lend to and will not state or provide to any employee or person what that criteria really is.. Save yourself the frustration. I have several testimonials of clients that will back all of this up with there own personal experience... For a truely good experience call me at 954 558 4430 Caliber Home Loans

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