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Who would have financed my mortgage if it's not fannie mae or freddie mac?

by gerard.chan843 from Barberton, Ohio. Sep 27th 2014 Reply

Ken Burrows (mortgagesforamerica)
#19 ranked lender in Nevada - 572 contributions

It could be FHA, VA, USDA or a few years ago banks did lend their own money without the loan being backed by any organization. If you would like to discuss your options go ahead and get into touch with me. 888-320-7888 - - Ken Burrows

Sep 28th 2014
Jericho Cherry (Jerichocherry)
#56 ranked lender in Virginia - 1,107 contributions

Best way to find out is to contact your present mortgage servicer.

Sep 28th 2014
Sean Young (SeanYoung)
#1 ranked lender in Colorado - 1,112 contributions

It can be FHA, VA, USDA, portfolio lender or it can just be a non-conforming loan held by the bank or lending institution. If you call your current lender they should be able to tell you.

Sep 29th 2014
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