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My lender is asking if I want my tax impounded. What does that mean?

by BozorgNia17 from Denver, Colorado. Mar 30th 2010 Reply

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This means that the Lender wants to include your taxes as part of your monthly mortgage payment. They take a portion of your payment every month, hold it in an account called an escrow impound account, and then disburse it according to the requirements of the county that your property resides in.They are basically wanting to make the payment for you so that you do not forget and have additional late fees and charges added.You are not paying extra for this service it is usually done as a convenience.Should you have any further questions feel free to contact me Jeffrey Martino Young at # (310) -984-0496 or visit our online question and answer page at directly at

Mar 30th 2010
Jason Diperstein (jdiperstein)
#12 ranked lender in New Jersey - 3 contributions

Bozorg,The answer above is correct, they're simply asking if you want them to create an escrow account to pay your taxes instead of you doing it directly. If you're not interested, make sure you ask if there is a difference in rate or fee for not escrowing. Many lenders suffer a hit to the offered rate for waiving escrow accounts. This might make a difference in your decision.Good luck!Kind regards,Jason DipersteinE Mortgage Management800-793-9633

Mar 31st 2010
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