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Is it true that Obama has raised the LTV to 125% for refis?

I have heard that I can now refi up to 125% based on new Obama anti-foreclosure law. Is this correct? by obamafan from , . Aug 19th 2009 Reply

Jeff Drew (Jeff Drew)
#3 ranked lender in Massachusetts - 5 contributions

The Making Home Affordable included loan to values of up to 125% for the DU refinance plus program. Fannie Mae released an update to their underwriting system early in September to allow for these scenarios.Here is a link to the announcement: I have not seen these scenarios on any rate sheets. The other facts you must remember is that lender participation is optional. There are many lenders out there currently who will not do the 105% maximum as it stands today. Also, the risk based pricing (loan level pricing adjustments charged by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) for the additional layer of risk involved (due to the loan amount being higher than the current appraised value) will have higher rates associated with them.I feel that this enhancement may not have the benefit that everyone hopes due to the possible higher rates they will have.

Aug 19th 2009
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