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How many times are your leads sold--there is nothing mentioned about them being exclusive. Thank you.

by from , . Sep 30th 2009 Reply

Rocky Foroutan (RockyForoutan)
#0 ranked lender in California - 441 contributions

Hello -The leads are sold (emailed in real-time) to 3 lenders. Our system is very transparent, so the consumer will also know exactly who they got matched up with. The consumer can then click on lender profile links to learn more about them before they even receive the first call from the lenders. In cases where there is not a "buyer" for the lead, lenders in that state will receive what we call "soft-leads" which is everything about the loan except for the borrower name and contact info. Lenders can then communicate with the borrower using our messaging platform.

Sep 30th 2009
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