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How do I find out if a home is located in a USDA area?

by m.jennings360 from Pleasant Valley, Iowa. Nov 23rd 2016 Reply

David Baker (David Baker)
#1 ranked lender in Iowa - 52 contributions

Go to this link, accept the terms, and punch in the street address. If you need to know about qualifying for a home loan (or someone else) in a USDA area (or any other product such as Conventional, FHA, VA, or niche portfolio loans), I'm happy to help you navigate those waters as there are income limits and several other things to consider in the process. Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 24th 2016
Todd Tholl (
#4 ranked lender in Iowa - 239 contributions

Go to Select Single Family Housing Guaranteed, then Accept. This brings up the map that you can use to search a specific address or navigate to find which areas are acceptable. My office is in Davenport on Brady St. and I've been in business close to 20 years. If you'd like to speak with a local lender, give me a call anytime. 563-324-9937. Would've responded sooner but was out of the country on vacation with family.

Nov 26th 2016
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