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Can Lender give themselves Thumbs UP when replying to questions asked??

I have just started looking at the questions asked and have noticed lenders that seem to always have a ThumbsUP - Best Answer to their replys. I strongly suspect that the lender is doing that to their reply. Is this possible? Also, what is Lender411 view of a lender that does this? by Tim Bradford from North Olmsted, Ohio. Sep 29th 2009 Reply

Rocky Foroutan (RockyForoutan)
#0 ranked lender in California - 441 contributions

Tim, Thanks so much for posting this question. Caring about the community. I am sure some lenders do actually vote for themselves. There is nothing in our system that stops them from doing that. If you think about it, they do indeed think their answer is the best answer, and being a registered member of the community, they are entitled to their vote. However, that is only one vote, so if a better answer gets more votes, it will be obviously moved up and shown as the best answer. Hope this helps.

Sep 29th 2009
Charlie Sparks (CharlieSparks)
#8 ranked lender in New Mexico - 401 contributions

And Rocky... what about lenders giving a ThumbsDOWN to their competition? Can you tell if this is being done?

Feb 15th 2013
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