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Am I able to get a loan?

Just got back from a deployment (Army national guard) 2 months ago. The military just stopped paying me but... I going to go full time student and army pays 1900 /mo (starts in 5 weeks) + Unemployment Benefits off of the deployment. I also have the Va loan backing me. Is it possible to to get a loan for 90-100k ?? oh ya, my credit is clean with a 732 and I am 24. Also.. The house that caught my eye has been on the market for a year (it was bought in 08' @ 68,000) I think they put a roof, siding, carpet... ect ( think its a flip) well the listed price is 119k and I'd like to offer 90, what would y'all think? by vaguy12 from Dallas, Texas. Aug 24th 2009 Reply

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