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Updated on 8/9/2013

Lender411 Authorship TeamAs one of the top 5 destination websites providing mortgage information to consumers, Lender411 strives to offer smart, relevant advice about the mortgage loan process.  We are proud to provide our 300,000+ monthly site visitors the expertise of our site contributors; experienced mortgage professionals and financial bloggers just like you!

Each quarter, Lender411 conducts a review of website content to insure that the information on is relevant and accurate. We want your help!  Join our Lender411 Authorship program and start benefitting from increased exposure on Lender411 today. 

What are the benefits of Lender411 Authorship?

  • Name Recognition – Each article will include a link to your name and profile picture, which will be linked to your Lender411 Profile below the Contributing Author heading
  • Profile Recognition – A Lender411 Author badge will display on your Lender411 profile page, setting you apart from other lenders. Your contributed articles will be listed underneath.
  • Search Advantage – Similar to Google Authorship, your article will rank higher than other articles on our site and your profile picture will be displayed in search results
  • SEO Optimization – Your article will be optimized by our SEO specialists so it will rank highly on Google search results
  • Site Recognition – Your name and image will be displayed on our Lender411 Authors page

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How it works

What would I do as a Lender411 Author?

  • Review and edit existing website content for relevancy and accuracy
  • You will also have the option to write and contribute new content on related topics that don’t yet exist on the website

How does Lender411 Authorship work?

  • When you sign up for Lender411 Authorship, you will select the mortgage topics you are interested in reviewing and choose how many articles you want to receive at one time.
  • You will receive an email containing simple instructions for reviewing each article, as well as a word document of text for reach article.
  • Once you have marked your suggested changes in the document and returned the document to, your content will be optimized for SEO purposes, ensuring that your article will be easily found on the web.
  • Before we update with your new content, you will need to add the Lender411 Authorship badge to your personal website to ensure transparency (similar to Google Authorship)
  • Your content will be posted on our website for the world to enjoy!

The Lender411 Authorship program is now officially accepting applications for Lender411 Authorship.  All inquiries and questions can be sent to

Frequently asked questions

Lender411 Authorship FAQsHow do I get started?

Click the orange ‘Inquire Now’ button to begin the Lender411 Authorship process. You will receive your first article to review shortly.

Be sure to add to your list of accepted email contacts.

What formats are acceptable for me to submit my edited articles?

Microsoft Word is the preferred format for submissions. You may also use Google Docs or create a PDF.

What counts as ‘reviewing’ an article?

Start by reviewing an article to check for factual information. Is everything in this article true? Does the article provide an objective view of the topic, offering both pros and cons? Is any information in the article misleading?

If the information in the article is correct, review for clarity. Are unfamiliar mortgage terms clearly defined? Is the information explained in a way that is easy to understand? Is something important missing from this article?

Finally, review the article’s tone and style. Lender411 strives to offer information that is easy to understand and is presented in a friendly and helpful tone.

How should I mark my edits in each document?

Review key:



Suggested text

Alternately, you may use the ‘ track changes’ option in Microsoft Word.

If I find information that is incorrect, what should I do?

Clearly mark the incorrect information with a strikethrough. Add a comment including a citation (such as a web URL) where the correct information can be found. If you wish, you may write a sentence or paragraph of suggested text to be used in the article.

 I can’t find any mistakes in this article. Can I still be listed as a contributing author?

In order to be listed as a Lender411 Contributing Author, you must make a meaningful contribution to the article. If you cannot find any incorrect information, consider adding more in depth information, defining an unfamiliar mortgage term or explaining a complicated topic in a way that is easier to understand.

What websites count as a reliable and trustworthy source?

Government-sponsored pages are the best resources for mortgage information. Many major bank websites offer resources, such as and Use your best judgement, and always cite your sources so Lender411’s editorial staff can verify that the information you provide is factual.

Hint: A Wikipedia article or blog you find through a Google search is not a trusted source of information.

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