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Wyndham Capital

At Wyndham Capital, we offer the kind of quick, reliable loan processing and underwriting platform you would expect from one of the country's fastest growing mortgage companies - but we also provide our customers with a level of friendly, knowledgeable, personal service you don't find every day.

We invest heavily in our proprietary technology to create an unparalleled efficiency for our transaction, but realize this is no substitute for exceptional customer service.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to become the nation's most referable lender by delivering a positive, satisfying experience to every customer - every time.
Our Values:

Lending Integrity

- Of utmost importance is our obligation to provide accurate information and honest advice at all times to our customers.


- We act with the utmost responsibility to our clients' privacy and protect their personal information with absolute confidentiality.


- We consistently show respect and care to our employees, clients, vendors and other business partners.


- We think it's important to actively participate in and give back to the communities which we serve.
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Our Vision:

  • Highly empowered employees creating a dynamic, upbeat and fun work place
  • A client-centric experience that creates loyal customers and ambassadors for our future growth and success
  • Respect from our industry peers
  • A full portfolio of programs to serve as many current and future clients as possible
  • Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty

Review of Scott Sopko/Wyndham Capital
I just closed on my 15yr refi with Wyndham last week. I could not have been more satisfied with the way my mortgage banker (Scott Sopko) handled the transaction end-to-end. I'm rather analytical, and I do endless research before making a major decision like this. I think Scott picked up on this early on, and made sure to be responsive to those needs as my thinking went down several different paths until I made the decision that was most comfortable for me. That was the only way I would have been satisfied, and Scott gave me what I needed every step of the way. I appreciate the way he invested his time in the process early on, that gave me a comfort level at the beginning which set him and Wyndham apart from several other lenders I was talking to (some of whom quoted me slightly better rates). In an industry where you can probably always find a slightly better rate if you look hard enough, Scott's approach was a real differentiator between Wyndham and the competition.Every communication from Scott was high-value with very little wasted effort, something Mortgage Lenders probably need from their bankers as time is at a premium. Scott was very professional in all of his communications, something I noticed was lacking in the other bankers I had talked to before selecting Wyndham. I really cannot find anything lacking in Scott's approach with my particular situation, and I will definitely be recommending Scott personally to others that ask about my refi experience.Thanks again so much for the great experience, it truly was more than I ever expected.
By tzarro_918_734 on March 24, 2012

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