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Stevie Duffin's Answers

oh and I have 35k saved up specifaclly for a downpayment
rates right now
Hi there! I'm a Lender411 admin. The search box on the front page takes you to this answers forum. We apologize for the confusion! To see today's rates, please visit any day, anytime.
I am a Veteran and need help getting my home refinanced.
Thank you for responding, everyone. Your responses to this post have been forwarded to the user's email address so he will certainly get all of your contact info. Greatly appreciated!
where are you located and how come the website does not list central Vermont 411 lenders and phone numbers
Hi Icappetta - site admin here. We are located in Southern California. Our lender base is quite small in Vermont but we do have some contacts. Email me for more information:
Hi Bcstohr23, if you have a question for Lender411 staff you can reach me at
Why can I not open where it says he answerede my previous question?
Hi Doc. All questions are posted on You should be able to click your question when you see it and view responses. If you have a more specific question (like you're unable to responses sent to your email) please send me a message
I would like a phone number to speak to a sales agent also, what are you closing rates on your purchase leads
Hi eking - Thanks for your inquiry. You can contact 888-377-1265 x 17 with any questions about lead buying. Thank you! - stevie
Hi, Stevie, we are thinking about repaying our reverse mortgage. Who can I ask to help us thru the paperwork?
Thanks for reaching out, Diana. It looks like two of our top guys, Steven and Jericho have given you some good feedback. However if you have other questions for Lender411 staff do not hesitate to email me!
I need to cancel an old advertisment but I can remember my login info or email
Hi Travis - go ahead and email me:
How to start?
Hi Andrea - I can help you get started on Lender411 for your mortgage needs - whether you're a mortgage pro or a prospective borrower. Look out for an email from

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