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Steve Conklin's Answers

What gives? Where and what should we be looking for?
Every bank/lender/broker has diff. programs. For instance I have 5 lenders who do USDA loans, but only 1 that will go under 60k. Here is link I found for USDA loans. matter what, you should be able to do a 203(k) loan. If its through HUD,...
can I have a combination loan for improvements on one building and purchase of another?
Not typically. You might be able to find some asset based lenders that might be able to help, but in this lending climate it's really tough. You also might want to speak with a banker about a SBA loan to expand your business that might allow you to obtain cash for the repairs. Not sure if it would work,...
what documents and paperwork do I need to apply for a mortgage?
Also, you will be qualified on your net profit of your business for two years. So if you make 100k per year, but write off 60k, then your net profit is 40k. 40k is the number which the u/w will use as proof of your income. If your tax returns show no profit or a loss, then you're going to have a hard time...
Too many appraisals?
Why did the loan not go through? Underwater? Some lenders will take appraisals that are 120 days out, but it also depends on many other factors. Your best bet is to contact a mortgage pro and have them work with you. You have a 50/50 chance of being able to use the old appraisal. Satori Mortgage-

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