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Kelli J Paddilla- Short Sale Expert

During my first few years as a real estate agent I helped in securing over 80 real estate investment properties for real estate investors in Colorado. My experience had shown me that this was not the rout I wanted to take because I was helping people get rich and I found this to be very unrewarding. One of the first real estate transactions I ever did was a short sale with multiple tax liens. I enjoyed the challenge of it and was excited that I could help someone out from under a burden. At that time I had been working short sales, but it was not my focus.

Early in 2007, I had decided to quit working for real estate investors who were not worthy of the goal in which we all strive to exceed. To me some of these real estate investors had become a cautionary tale of individuals who let the financial aspect of the business run the decisions and the "heart" of the matter was fully discarded. You have to have heart to be in this business. Hard work can take you to the top, but it is integrity that will keep you there.

I still work with investors. In fact, we need them! I screen them based on heart and person-ability. The real estate investors that I currently work with are some of the most outstanding people I have ever met and it really feels good to have met so many distinguished connections.

In 2007 I decided to leave Home Real Estate and step out on my own and strive to do something more meaningful. I developed Key Concepts with a goal in mind and that was to develop the right systems, hire the right people, and be 100% client focused.

Having done countless short sales my purpose became to express my perseverance to find the best possible result for everyone involved. I apply my extensive knowledge and experience to find every available option for the seller, by allowing me to anticipate the next move before it is too late, and to protect the client from predator investors. Short sales are not for the weak at heart and I have dedicated my life to working them in this trying time.

I owe a lot of my gratitude to Nicole and staff. They have been key in the behind the scenes events that take place in every short sale transaction. Without their watchful eyes none of this would ever be possible. Brian and sam are the most dedicated real estate agents I have met in the business. Thanks, Brian, Sam, Kelli Jo, and Glenn for being part of the expert short sale team.

Please note we do not hire agents with less than 4 years of real estate experience.

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