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Kelvin Waits's Answers

I make good $ and my credit score is around 683 I also will be putting down 25-40% my question is:
Hello Jeff,The borrower with the lowest middle credit score will be used. Employment has no bearing in this matter. You can still secure a great rate!!!!The fact that you are putting down a substantial down payment will help you obtain a better rate as well as avoid costly PMI insurance. Contact me if I...
will i get approved with a 670 credit score, 23% Debt to income
It all depends on how much debt you currently have. Would need to know a little more to say for sure.
Switching loan term from conventional to fha loan how long is the process?
Pretty quickly. Probably under 30 days. If I might ask is there a particular reason you would like to refinance to an FHA loan?Kelvin WaitsVP of Mortgage LendingGuaranteed

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