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Casey Persinger's Answers

how long will the rate be locked in for
The lock period is different for each lender. I can typically loan a loan process and fund on the loan within a 30 day period. Most lenders will not allow for a lock period of less than 30 days unless the file has been through underwriting and has an underwritten approval with conditions. Other lenders...
How will a short sale affect my future
If your wife to be can credit and income qualify for a home by herself then there won't be any issues as long as she wasn't on the home that you short sold. Even though you short sold your home FHA guidelines prohibit you from the purchase of a home for at least 3 years your short sale is...
Can The FHA Help Us?
First time borrowers don't always need a co-borrower, has someone told you that you need to have a co-borrower? Give me a call at 801-682-5626 or e-mail me at I look forward to helping you.
How soon after a bankruptcy is discharge would you be able to apply for a Home equity Loan?
2 years if you are looking at using a government, you must also re-establish your credit since the BK's discharge date and to be quite honest the it's hard enough now for borrowers with good credit to obtain a home equity loan you will probably have a hard time doing so yourself unless your...
Where is the best place to get a first time home buyer discount in or near Mobile, AL?
I'm not familiar with any programs in Alabama I'd suggest Google. I know it sounds cheesy but there are times when I double check myself with Google.
Why Do Banks Sell Mortgages?
The reason you mortgage is sold to other investors has to do with capital. A lender will sell your "note" to an investor in the hope that that investor will receive the monthly servicing (your payment). Basically your loan is sold so that the seller can receive a lot of money NOW and the buyer...
Relocating Need a a Loan
No one, well Guido the investor could but no lenders will lend mortgage money to you. I'm sorry for the circumstances that you find yourself in, however, a short sale even if the shorted amount is big or small is "coded" on your credit as a foreclosure. This means that according to FHA...
Is it better to have the same person do the real estate and loan transaction?
It is illegal in my state, Utah, for the same person to handle both the real estate transaction and the financing.
Should I Refinance? Not Sure What To Do VA
Well the old wives tale of not refinancing unless you can save a point holds true in this case. What you really need to know is how much in closing costs is it going to cost me to do this. Remember that the rate is an important component of the refinance, however, the amount financed is just as important. If...
Getting the Loan Back In MY name.
What state is the home in and do you have a 24 month history to document that you have made the payments? Please feel free to contact me at 801-682-5626
What are the limits for purchase price, down payment, loan amount, for a FHA loan in Indiana.
The loan amount is based on the purchase price, whether the appraisal supports that purchase price, and the limit of the loan amount is based on the county that the property is located in Indiana. As for the down payment an FHA loan requires a minimum down payment of 3.5% of the purchase price.
Refinancing With Two Homes? Bank Says Take a Hike!
It sounds right if you do not have 6 months of reserves for both homes, and are not credit and income worthy. I am currently helping a borrower in Utah with two homes and am able to refinance them both with the same lender as well. I think there must be more to the story.
Can I get My Money back
If the $600 was to subordinate your second mortgage in other words if that money was a fee charged in order to have the lien holder in second position to "re-subordinate" then no you will not receive your money back.
Jumbo loan in Idaho
It depends on the county you are in, when you say "a lot" of land what do you mean by that? It also depends on the Loan To Value (LTV) you are at?
Looking to Refinance but Have a Few Questions...
What is the value of your property now? Do you have an FHA, VA, USDA or Conventional loan? 4.5% is possible home many years are you want to refinance to 30/25/20/15? Fees do vary. I'd love to talk in more detail depending on the state this property is located in.
411 loandesk
Where is the property located, how old are you, what is your guestimate of what the value of your home is, and what roughly do you owe on the property? Answer those questions and I will then best be able to tell you in what I can do for you and whether or not I may be able to serve you?
Another twist on the partial refinance question
You want to payoff only a certain portion of the 30 year loan on your home? is this correct? Your question is a difficult one to understand it would be best to call me, Casey Persinger "The Low Price Lender" at 801-682-5626
I'm 42, can I get a reverse mortgage?
Sorry not at your age you young whipper snapper, you need to be cruising Golden Corral at about 4:00 for dinner to qualify for a reverse mortgage
How do I get a FHA loan with no established credit?
Hi, my name is Casey Persinger; in regards to your question it's true, cell phones, if you are paying for medical insurance that is not offered by your employer, rents (as long as you have a property managment company handling your rents) if not then I'd need 12 cancelled checks as well as a...

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