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Brian French's Answers

Co-Borrower on Mortgage?
fstadler is absolutely correct. If your goal is to improve your interest rate, then you may want to look at having your credit report rescored. It takes a bit of time, and maybe some cash, but if you are able to reach certain middle score thresholds, you can achieve your goal.
Do you all think the rates have actully hit their bottom and it is upward from here?
Once again, I agree 100% with fstadler. Unfortunately, the days of supply/demand for mortgages determining interest rates are long behind us. The direction in which cash is flowing in the global financial markets is what we must be mindful of. Recently, rates appeared to be on a steady uptick, then...
Income determination question
Agree with my colleagues' assessment. We would require 2009, 2010 W-2's, Tax returns, and the most recent 30 day's worth of pay stubs to validate income.
Will mortgage rates continue to go down?
Good afternoon!Oh, if I knew the answer to that, I would be as rich as Warren Buffett! HA HABut seriously, I honestly cannot imagine them getting any lower - why? Because treasury bill and bond rates are getting as close to zero as I can imagine them getting. Also, it is artifical. People are running to...
Dad has underwater mortgage, can't make payments.
Hi - we may want to talk in person - this is a pretty serious situation.Do you want to e-mail directly or speak on the phone? or 501-276-6786. Our office is in Little Rock.
Can I buy the house I lease??
Would be more than happy to speak with you or we can begin e-mail communication. 501-296-9037 or
756 Credit Score, can I get a no money down home loan?
Good afternoon - you can if you have been in the military or are looking at a home in a USDA rural housing zone.You can contact me at or 501-276-6786.
Here isI am a graduate accounting student, I already have a job set up to start next fall. I was wonder if I could qualify for a home loan now to begin looking at homes in the area I want to be. I also have good credit. is it possible for a student to qualify for buying a house with out actual income except from rental income? my question
Good morning!Bert is 100% correct. You could prequalify once you get hired, but will need at least 30 days worth of pay stubs before you could proceed with the actual loan process. My business partner, Jason, and I would love to work with you. If you want to start the planning process, let me know. We operate...
When applying for reverse mortgage for my parents, can we use my credit?
Good morning/afternoon!The reverse mortgage does not have credit or income requirements. As long as they are 62 years of age or older and have sufficient equity in their home, they qualify. i just completed one for a gentleman in Austwell and it funds today. Would like to talk to you about it. I can be...
Home Equity Loan
Hi Tamara,The credit score is an issue as is, but we have helped a number of our customers raise their credit scores by as much as 100 pts. If you would like to work with me, give me a shout at 501-276-6786 or e-mail me at, Brian French
First time home buyer advice, credit issue.
Hello Jason,Step 1 will be to quality you as far as the other parameters are concerned - income, employment, assets, etc. If we can get to the point, then we will need to establish your credit scores.If you would like to discuss further, I can be reached at or 501-276-6786...
I have a middle FICO score of 714, can I refinance into a better rate than 6.5%?
Hello,You most certainly can achieve a better rate than 6.5%. A middle score of 714 is quite good. My business partner and I are located in Little Rock - let me know if you want to chat further. or 501-276-6786.Thanks, Brian
How can I help my chances of selling?
My business partner and I own a local branch of Top Flite Financial here in Little Rock - we have worked with FSBO sellers and offered great deals to those buyers who were not pre-qualified prior to viewing the home. Give me a shout or shoot me an e-mail if you have any interest. Brian French -...
Can I still refinance with a credit score of 615? How can I lower my mortgage payments
Good morning - we have worked with many folks to guide them to credit score improvement. We have offices in Little Rock and Hot Springs. If you would like to chat, let me know. 501-276-6786 or Thanks,Brian
High DTI as a Full-Time Contractor
Good morning! Lagging a bit behind on this answer, as I am in Disney right now and they had not ironed out their internet service until this morning! Am a local Arkansas mortgage banker (located in Little Rock and Hot Springs). Based on what I have read here, there is no reason why you cannot use your...
Credit question
William said all that needs to be said on the matter - he is spot on with his analysis. The report needs to be pulled and analyzed for recent delinquencies and those factors which are contributing most to your credit scores current position. My business partner and I are local mortgage bankers with...
I am in chapter 7 bankruptcy and will have discharged in August 27, 2012. Is there any way to get a mortgage on a new home
Good morning - agree with the guidelines being quoted to you - 2 yrs on FHA, 3-4 on Conventional. However, you may want to look at doing a "Contract for Deed". Many sellers today are considering this form of owner-financing as long as there is a light at the end of the tunnel - aka you refinance...

I am sure they will provide you their contact information. However, did you know that a home equity loan will either have a variable rate if it is a line of credit or will have a higher interest rate than current market because it will be considered a second lien? Have you considered a cash-out refinance...
Prequalification vs. preapproval
Good afternoon - Sounds like you may be looking for a home and need to have a pre-qual letter for a real estate agent. William and Jeremy provided you the correct information. I am an AR based lender located in Little Rock. Let me know if I can be of any Thanks,...

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