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A Bit About Me:

I revel in the world of performance and results and I love co-creating with real estate professionals who have similar interests and intentions. I don't believe in an "Up" market or "Down" market, there's just the market I'm in and what actions can I take that benefit all people involved in a transaction.

Who I Empower:

All home buyers and real estate agents in the greater Southern California Area - Inland Empire, Orange County, San Diego, and Los Angeles. You might be a first time home buyer, seasoned home owner, investor, a new agent, a seasoned agent, or well established broker. I'm here to create and provide solutions to closing more deals and establishing home ownership for people.

How I Empower:

I'm providing a No Cost Lending Solution exclusive to Real Estate Agents and their buyers. In today's market it's about being able to get the deal done and do it right with integrity, impeccability, and intentionality. Our current economic times requires out of the box thinking and a whole paradigm shift in how lenders profit from the consumer. The main question how do we make a FAIR profit, benefit the borrower, and insure the Real Estate Agents all WIN? Put the interest of others first and insure they are satisfied and their concerns are put to rest.

I'm doing that by absorbing 3rd party fees by reducing my OWN profit margins and offering loans at market PAR - yes PAR. No gimmicks, no bait and switch, no up sell, straight forward no-nonsense. This will allow the borrower to have more buying power, minimize their out of pocket expenses and allow their real estate agent to make higher offers on their future home. I able to deliver more house and more commissions to the agent.

For more detailed information please email or call 949.648.7121 I promise I won't waste your time.

Specialties:Empowering and Enabling Buyers and Agents

Residential No Cost Real Estate Financing
Real Estate Agent Business Development
Funding solutions for those "out of the box" situations
Conventional Financing
Commercial Financing
FHA, VA, SBA Financing
Stated Income Verified Assets

Super Jumbo Financing and offer asset based lending for the affluent client.

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