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Flat Pack Homes: What Are They?

By Sari R. Updated on 7/27/2017

flat pack homeLender 411 answers the top questions about flat pack homes and their pros and cons here

1. What exactly is a flat pack home?

Flat pack homes general, come with everything you need for a typical house: everything from floors, walls, and ceilings to lighting fixtures, cabinets, and even patios. Easy enough to assemble, flat pack homes pride themselves on being a one stop shop for new home construction.


2. Is there anything that isn’t included?

Although flat pack homes come with a lot of preset options, you will still have to pay for things such as foundation, building permits, water, and septic systems. Investigate the costs are and see whether they balance out against the savings of buying a flat pack home.

3. Can these homes handle weather extremes?

It depends on the severe weather. Contact the manufacturer and ask them specific questions. One home may handle frigid temperatures and snow just fine but be swept away during the high winds of a hurricane, while another may stand strong against heat but leak during constant rains.

4. How long does it take to build flat pack homes?

Construction can take anywhere from three weeks to three months, but it varies greatly according to size of the dwelling, property types, and whether you are assembling it yourself or hiring contractors to do it for you.

5. Can I make flat pack homes larger?

Most flat pack homes lend themselves well to additions, although you will likely have to secure more building permits and inspections.

Flat pack homes are a growing market in the housing world. Some consumers may be unable to afford a traditional house, but can budget for a nice lot and a flat pack home to put on it, particularly rural areas.

Wondering if you can afford one of these? 

Using a mortgage calculator can easily give you an idea of what to budget for, and checking out recent mortgage rates can set you on the right track for finding the ideal lot for your flat pack home.

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