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What is the minimum equity you need for reverse mortgage?

My parents need some cash supplements but they have equity in their home. by KenFarsing17_786_212 from Palmdale, California. Aug 8th 2011 Reply

Ken,I have been asked to respond to your question in as much as I specialize in reverse mortgage her in California.The general information that you received fro Mr. Stadler is correct. I would be please to give you some specific information in your specific transaction. I will need particulars and suggest that you give me call at 714-455-3221. If you prefer, for now, send me the following via email at owners names, oDates of birth, oValue of the property, oAddress of the property (optional) so I can verify range of value, and the amounts of loan(s) outstanding at this time.I will then forward a set of information for both loan types and we can review them together to see if there is a real benefit and suitability of the product.Thank you,Howard Kirschner

Aug 8th 2011
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